Backyard Makeover Ideas That Don't Hurt Your Pocket

Backyard Makeover Ideas That Don’t Hurt Your Pocket

Backyard Makeover Ideas That Don't Hurt Your PocketBackyard Makeover Ideas That Don't Hurt Your Pocket

Wanting to give your backyard a makeover when you don’t have much money to do so can certainly present a challenge. With this being said however there are in fact many ways in which you can create a great new look out back, without it really hurting your pocket. Most of us understandably prefer to spend the money we do have inside the home, but making over your backyard can give you an extra space in the home to enjoy, when the sun begins to shine. 

Here are just some ideas which you could consider to give your backyard a new lease of life.

Add Some Grass

The idea of turfing the backyard may seem like an expensive idea but the reality is that you can find some great prices on turf and add a small amount of it to the yard. You don’t have to turf the entire space, simply creating a small area will give the yard a great look and a cool space to add a seating area. When it comes to turf supply there are great options which are low cost and look great. 

Install a Fountain 

The word fountain may strike fear into the heart of your pocket but the reality is that you can do this yourself without too much cost. The only slightly expensive cost here will be the mechanism itself, which takes water from the pool and then pushes it back up through the fountain. In reality you can use an old watering can as the fountain and then a basic container at the bottom. Fill the container with water and with some ornate stones, add the mechanism and watch the watering can spray water right back over the stones. 

Create a Seating Oasis

To add a seating area you really won’t have to spend much money, and up-cycling old seating is a great way for you to achieve this look. Once you have the seats in, look for a trellis to place behind it and add some fairy lights to really give the place appeal. This is an inexpensive way to add some depth and character to your yard, and to give you the perfect place to relax. 

Paint a Mural  

If you have a fence at the back of the yard then you can use this to really add some depth and color to the space. Painting a mural of flowers and insects will look stylish and give the feeling of a larger area outside. If you can’t paint then even hiring a local artist, or art student, is an inexpensive way of adding something special to your backyard.  

Go Vertical 

You may not think that you have enough space to add a big garden but if you take things vertical then you can add some freshness and foliage to the backyard. A simple pallet can be used here, along with some wall planters which can be added to each rung. Here you can grow herbs and pretty plants with will turn your boring backyard into a garden paradise.

These are low cost ideas which will have a big impact on the garden.

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