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To Bare or Not To Bare…Decolletage

To Bare or Not To Bare…Decolletage

To Bare or Not To Bare…Decolletage

Don't Shy Away from That Sexy Holiday Dress Because of Sun Damage

During the holidays, many of us women shy away from holiday dresses with a “V” neck or a lower scoop.  I know that I do sometimes. Even women in their 30s and 40s whose skin is still elastic enough to show off their décolletage, don’t.  Why? Plain and simple: sun damage. Even in women’s early 20s, the ravages of the sun can wreak havoc on their neck and chest line.  Whether it’s sunspots, large prolific freckling or pre-mature wrinkling, the sun’s lasting effects can influence women’s holiday dress selection.

According to dermatologists and skin experts, women of every age can experience skin changes due from sun exposure. Even women with the best of skin may see signs of early skin damage, pigmentation changes and pre-mature wrinkles. I know that I have a few spots that I am always concerned about.

The shame of it is that women who are still young or young-ish are wearing holiday outlets with a necklines that’s better suited for someone a decade older – all because of damaged décolletages. What’s unfortunate is that these women don’t realize that skin changes on the neck and chest are very treatable and they can correct a wider range of skin issues at once.

To Bare or Not To Bare…DecolletageTo Go Bare or Not to Go Bare

With the introduction of excel VÔ, the new laser system that is the first and only to treat nearly twenty different types of skin and vascular issues, women can see a single doctor who can use this multi-purpose laser to easily clean up their sun-damaged skin. Best of all, unlike other laser treatments, excel V requires no “downtime”.

Depending on the issue, patients may need one or multiple laser treatments, but often even those who require more than one treatment will begin to see results on their neck and chest after the first treatment. Also, the cost of cosmetic applications is often less than women anticipate. So before the holidays begin, don’t shy away from discussing décolletage concerns with a doctor.

To learn more about laser treatment for a pre-holiday skin cleanup or to locate an excel V provider near you visit


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