Baby Lips Lip Gloss Review

Baby Lips Lip Gloss Review

 Packaging, Scent, and Shade Range of the Baby Lips Lip Gloss

Baby Lips Lip Gloss Review 1

Likes and Dislikes of the Lip Gloss

So, if you enjoy Lip Products, chances are you've tried Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balm! They have various colors, forms, and lines! Just recently, they came out with a line of lip glosses…different from their original lines of Lip Balms! I was SO stoked when I saw they released these that I begin my search for them! I picked up all 6 colors that were available at the store without a question in my mind! These run for just under $4 each, so they really are a great deal! Baby Lips Lip Gloss Review
So, I am always a bit weary when I buy lip glosses, because I used to absolutely HATE them. But now, if I find the right ones I am okay with them. I saw on the sign for these that they are wearable without being I was definitely willing to try them! I hate a sticky lipstick! So as soon as I got these babies home, I tried every single one of them…Let me tell you, I LOVE them! They are an amazing product! Not sticky at all, beautiful colors, and very versatile to everyone!


Here are Colors on Baby Lips Lip

Coral Craze

This is a very sheer peachy/orange. I would say this is probably my least favorite from the collection. but it is good for layering over top of your coral and orange lippies.

Tickled Pink

I loved this pink shade! Although it doesn't have a ton of color payoff, but it is my ideal pink gloss to put over practically any Pink lipstick.

Berry Chic

A lot of people weren't a fan of the red color in the collection, but i'm actually on the opposite side…I love it! I'm actually the type of person that a bold, red lip doesn't look very good on me..So this is a very subtle red that I actually really like the way it looks on me! So excited to finally have a wearable red in my lippie collection!

Life's A Peach

My favorite color is coral/peach family, so this color I thought was gorgeous! This is probably the most pigmented color from the collection. You could wear this on your lips by itself and have a beautiful color to them.

Taupe With Me

I would say this color is pretty much a pure nude. It is beautiful for an everyday look and great for a beginner with makeup!

Just A Glimmer

Last Shade, so when I bought this one..I thought it would be a really pointless color because I thought it would be just clear, I almost didn't even buy it! I'm sure glad I did though, because it is my absolute FAVORITE of the collection. It is primarily just a clear gloss, but with a GORGEOUS blue/purple sheen. It is gorgeous on it's own, but also beautiful over pretty much any lipstick color! Baby Lips Lip Gloss Review
Baby Lips Lip Gloss Review 2I am very pleased with this whole line. There was really only one I was not completely in love with! I hope you guys can all go out and pick these up and that you enjoy them just as much as I do!!

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