Physician's Formula Argan Oil Blush Review

Physician’s Formula Argan Oil Blush Review

Physician's Formula Argan Oil Blush Review 2Physician's Formula, for as long as I can remember, has been my go to brand when it came to buying face products from the Drugstore. I've always loved their shimmer strips highlights, and their bronze boosters! I had never really tried their blushes though. As I was strolling through the drugstore recently, I saw a few new products from Physician's Formula. I saw they had released a few new products that were targeted towards using Argan Oil, they had some actual Argan Oils, as well as products infused with Argan Oil. I saw they had a couple blushes with Argan Oil in them! I knew I had to try it! It was $12.99 which is a bit more on the expensive side for a drugstore product.
These Argan Oil infused blushes come in two different shades, Rose and Natural, both of which are in the pink family. I picked up the one in Natural, and I only got one just because they were $13 each, so I wanted to make sure I would like it before I spent the money on both! Let's talk about the product specifically on the appearance and packaging of the product. They say “Don't judge a book by it's cover..” but to be 100% honest, a good portion of my reasoning for picking up this blush is purely on the gorgeousness of the product. It is a circular blush in a gold packaging, I think any gold packaging always looks very nice and high quality. But the blush itself has the most beautiful design. It is very geometrical, with the main color being pink and then has perfect gold accents within it.
Physician's Formula Argan Oil Blush Review 1I would say the difference between Rose and Natural is that Natural is more of a nude/pink color, where as Rose is more of that true Rosey Pink. They are very similar. So, this blush has incredible pigmentation, you get a ton of color payoff. In addition to the pink shade being beautiful on the skin, adding the gold into it, adds a gorgeous sheen to your skin. You could maybe even get away without a highlight, so it's like a two in one product! Being that it is infused with Argan Oil, it feels amazing on the skin! It's not chalky and powdery looking at all. I would say that having the oil in it makes the product feel very silky, almost as if it is a cream blush. Another benefit of the oil being in the product is that it is extremely moisturizing and refreshing on the face.
Although the two shades are very similar, I think they are different enough and I was so please with the first one, that I think I will go pick up the the shade Rose as well. I have a feeling this product will be getting used quite frequently by me and once I use it up, I know I will definitely be repurchasing this product. I would recommend this product to literally anyone, it is very versatile for any skin type and I think the color would look amazing on any skin tone.
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