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Family Movie Night: All Together Now Available on Netflix

Laughter, Music, and Family Fun: “All Together Now” Arrives on Netflix

There are so few movies that we watch as a family that are wholesome, entertaining, and an all-around good story with a good message. These are the kinds of movies that we love watching with our kids. These are the kinds of movies that make a really fun family movie night. When I find something like this whether it's a movie, show, book, podcast, etc., I feel like it's my duty as a fellow parent to share those things with you. All Together Now from Netflix Films is one of those movies.

All Together Now Auliʻi Cravalho

Auliʻi Cravalho

Stream It Now! All Together Now from Netflix Film

Amber, an optimistic, incredibly talented, and caring teen, is so used to helping everyone else, taking care of herself last, and harboring a huge secret. When Amber finally does need assistance, she finds it very hard to accept a helping hand. Amber is so inherently good and likable that you find yourself rooting for her the entire time. We want Amber to win. The movie stars Auli'i Cravalho (Moana), Justina Machado, Carol Burnett, and Fred Armisen, among others, and is directed by Brett Haley.

What I particularly love about the story is how Amber kept her optimistic spirit throughout everything life threw at her. She is musically gifted and wants to attend Carnegie Mellon. When she gets her dream audition, life gets in the way. We see Amber go through a very challenging period in life where she balances life, work, secrets, and everything else that might hold a teen's interest. She manages to find strength to pursue her dreams by leaning on those she's helped for so long.
We had the opportunity to chat with director/screenwriter Brett Haley and Auli'i Cravalho (of Moana fame). We got to ask all kinds of questions about the movie.

All Together Now Netflix Carol Burnett


Family Movie Night Just Got Better! “All Together Now” is Here on Netflix


Director Brett Haley on working with the legendary Carol Burnett

I just had to ask about Carol Burnett and how she came to be in the movie. I hadn't seen Carol in anything recently so I was ridiculously excited to see her in the movie. She played a grumpy octogenarian living in a nursing home where Amber works. Director/Screenwriter Brett Haley said about Carol, “Well, Carol Burnett is… you would think she would be amazing to work with, she’s even better than that. Auli’i and I were very intimidated and starstruck by Carol. I remember we went to her hotel to meet her and we were like you know giddy kids like meeting and she was so kind and warm and lovely we sat and had this lovely chat with her. We were just so overwhelmed by her spirit, her generosity, and her talent.”

All Together Now Available on Netflix

Auli’i shares how she connected with her character Amber

I love Amber. I thought that she had a lot of hope and resilience, and I love that her story had hardships, it had difficulties, but her circumstances didn’t hold her back from her dreams and her aspirations so that is my I love the musical element in this.

Director Brett Haley on channeling pain/real-life experiences for the characters they play: “I like to remind people that the bad that happens in life we can make good out of it, the whole lemons into lemonade we can. We all have our ability to turn a bad situation into a good one and that is the only thing we can do sometimes when we go through this thing called life and it’s difficult, and we are lacking. It’s like we can turn it around, we can. We are resilient.”

See the All Together Now Trailer

All Together Now Reviews

There is a particular skill in presenting a character who is nearly flawless without turning her into a staid saint. In Brett Haley’s sweet and scrappy teen Netflix drama “All Together Now,” Amber Appleton (Auliʻi Cravalho) checks so many boxes of trait perfection…Haley’s directing has a gentility, and Cravalho (who was introduced to movie audiences as the title voice in Disney’s “Moana”) gives Amber a visceral humanity that elevates the intermittently uneven screenplay….Through turmoil, Amber shares poetry with her mother and sings music her late father wrote…When Cravalho sings in the movie, her star presence is hard to ignore. She performs as if her full-of-hope heart might burst, cementing her magnetism as a performer. The movie’s familiar suggestion of music as a light in the darkness works primarily because its star shines so brightly.~ New York Times 

This heartwarming tale is held together by a strong central performance from Hawaiian-born actress Cravalho. The film touches on the very real issue of teens being unhoused, but not in a didactic way. In fact, Cravalho (best known as the voice of Moana) infuses Amber with such energy as a well-adjusted, cheerful, and kind young woman, despite her hardships, that you can't help liking her. The film and Cravalho do a crafty job pulling you in so that you're invested when things take a turn for the worse. ~ Common Sense Media

Amber Appleton (Moana’s Auli’i Cravalho), a high schooler trying to follow her dreams despite the familial setbacks she is hiding. To the outside world, Amber is the kind of teen girl who can juggle it all: her busy drama club, an after school job, volunteer work at the local retirement home, and even her singing aspirations. What Amber’s friends don’t know, however, is that she and her hardworking single mom Becky (One Day at a Time’s Justina Machado) have the kind of financial struggles that sometimes leave them sleeping in an empty school bus. All Together is a serious film, but also a heartwarming one. Everyone deserves to witness the stellar performances of stars Auli’i Cravalho and Justina Machado. ~ Refinery 29

Check out this movie tonight. In fact, why not make it a fun family movie night and watch All Together Now on Netflix? Premieres August 28, 2020.

Available on Netflix Films

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  1. This sounds really good! I love coming of age shows like this. They always take me back to that age when I was trying to figure everything out.

  2. I have to check this out. Anything with Carol Burnett is always a winner for me.

  3. I have this one on my to watch list! I can’t wait to see it, it looks amazing!

  4. Carol Burnett was always so funny! I can’t wait to have family movie night–this will be the next one.

  5. This sounds like it is something that my daughter would love. We need to look more into this one, thanks for sharing, I am always looking for new things to watch.

  6. This looks like it would be a great movie for the whole family to watch! I think everyone would really enjoy watching it.

  7. Awesome! I am always looking for good family friendly entertainment. Even though I don’t have a family I still enjoy these kinds of shows. I hadn’t seen it on Netflix, so will have to check it out.

  8. I saw the trailer for All Together Now and I’m even more interested in watching it now that I’ve read this review! I love a family friendly film that I can watch with my niece and nephew without it becoming super preachy.

  9. This movie really tugs at your heartstrings. Will definitely give it a go.

  10. Looks great, one for a family night in for sure. I have to get with it and join the Netflix generation!

  11. I’ve not heard of this movie yet but will be checking it out with the kids this weeken on Netflix as I love Carol Burnett.

  12. Jasmine Martin

    This looks like a great movie to watch with the family. I haven’t heard about this movie, but I will definitely be checking it out and watching it!

  13. i would be so starstruck by carol burnett too!! did you get a chance to meet her or interview her for the movie?

  14. I use Netflix a lot these days. This is the first time I heard about All Together Now. I got interested. I’ll put it in my “to watch” list.

  15. Lisa

    This looks like something I’d really enjoy. I’ll see if they’ve it in Netflix Italia.

  16. Lily

    I am going to put this in my Netflix Watchlist. I love Carol Barnett!

  17. Nnniiiiccceeeee….I can watch this actually. I see some very familiar faces from previous projects.

  18. I’ve never heard of this show before but that sounds like an interesting series to check out.

  19. Alright, I’m definitely adding it to my watch list on Netflix. It sounds like a great film to watch on a rainy day or something! 

  20. The movie plot seems interesting and great! I will definitely check out this movie on Netflix.

  21. Melanie williams

    This is perfect timing, as we are actually running low on things to watch so will deffo be giving this a go x

  22. Melanie williams

    We are running low on things to watch so we will deffo be checking this out for sure…thank you so much x

  23. Maricar Gacusan Rodriguez

    I can’t wait to have family movie night–this will be the next one. I’ve never heard of this show before but that sounds like an interesting series to check out.

  24. Elicit Folio

    “All Together Now” is meant to lift spirits, and it does, without becoming cloying. It feels real, even when it isn’t, which is an impressive production achievement!

  25. This is timely. I am running out of choices for our Saturday Movie Night. Love the story/ plot of All Together. I would love to watch it my sister as it also teaches us a valuable lesson. Thank you for sharing this.

  26. I love a feel-good film and I didn’t know about this before I read your post so it’s deffo going on my watch list

    Laura x

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