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A Little Piece of Happy from Trident


Trident gum’s A Little Piece of Happy campaign encourages people to keep a pack of Trident with them so that they can enjoy a little piece of happy wherever they are. Even through these tough times, it will remind you that their little piece of happiness is always waiting, whenever they need it. Trident will always be their little piece of Happy.

In the Little Piece of Happy campaign, the Trident brand has created 3 short films and 2 short TV spots that depict a little bit of happy. These videos depict situations that make people happy.

Each video contains a brief event that represents happiness in a different way. These videos all have an opening and closing Trident wrapper. The videos leave you with a smile. Share it with your friends and family!

Chewing a piece of Trident gum is like experiencing “a little piece of happy”. It gives you a little lift and leaves you with a smile. Grab a pack today!

Here is my favorite:

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