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How Fresh Stays Fresh Twitter Party

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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You might remember my previous post where I discussed frozen foods. We are big fans in this household as we have smoothies every single day. We have a freezer full of food that can help whip up a dinner in just minutes.

Frozen food helps our family save money while still get top quality fruits, vegetables, meats and more!

This week, I am co-hosting the How Fresh Stays Fresh Twitter Party along with co-host @QueenofSwag4u. We will be hanging out on Twitter next Tuesday night chatting about frozen foods and dinner time. I get to chat about something that I use every single day and we are giving away some pretty great prizes.


@StacieinAtlanta & @QueenofSwag4u


#Howfreshstaysfresh Twitter Party


Twitter with the #Howfreshstaysfresh hashtag


July 29, 2014 from 7:00pm – 8:00pm EST


One of 4 Giftcards – (2) $100 GC’s, (1) $300 GC, (1) $500 GC


Must attend party to win, winners announced through out party.


Leave your Twitter handle along with a link to your Twitter account. Then we will see you for the party. You also must leave a comment below with your Twitter handle and tell us what frozen foods you like best.


Get some Twitter Party hints whether you are a first time party goer or you have attended a few parties.

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84 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Erin Madigan

    I RSVP’d @erinismadagain and my favorite frozen food is frozen vegetables!

  2. Sherry Bracy

    RSVPed for the party tomorrow!!! yayyy! will be great to chat with you all again! 🙂

  3. RSVP @TriciaPolek Looking forward to this! My favorite frozen foods are Chicken Tenders/Fingers, French Fries, Digiorno Pizza, and Ice cream!

  4. Clarissa Laskey

    RSVP @clarissa_xplain

    I love frozen fish sticks, corn, frozen waffles

  5. Clarissa Laskey

    RSVP @clarissa_xplain

    I love frozen pizza, corn, blueberry waffles and fish sticks.

  6. My favorite frozen foods are frozen peas, raspberries, blueberries. I also love frozen fish sticks and fun frozen pastries to quickly pop in the toaster oven for the kids, when I’m running late.

    RSVP: @FashionistaDET

  7. erin dear (@mummadear)

    RSVP @mummadear
    Some of my favorite frozen foods include french fries, chicken fingers and ICE CREAM!!

  8. Lisa Puckett (@luvmykids72)

    My favorite frozen foods are pizza, veggies, waffles and ice cream!! M’mm!

  9. @larry_d82

    tomestone pizza

  10. Angela Cash

    My favorite frozen foods include gelato, pizza and veggie egg rolls.
    RSVP @angelacash22

  11. Darlene O'Brien

    RSVP @DROBrien77
    We love the frozen Tyson chicken nuggets, french fries, veggies..waffles.

  12. we make banquet chicken and chicken nuggets when we need a quick meal

  13. we love pizza rolls for a quick snack

  14. @fkat727

    RSVP @fkat727 Love Frozen pizzas!

  15. @MaryBethBlanton

    RSVP @MaryBethBlanton
    My family loves frozen pizza!

  16. Stephanie

    RSVP@ NeonBeaver I like kean cuisine frizen panini sandwiches

  17. Melissa A

    RSVP @mom321 My fav frozen foods are ice cream & pizza!

  18. Racheal L (@brdk620)

    I LOVE frozen fruits!

  19. @ECallahan66

    RSVP @ECallahan66 Lots of frozen chicken nuggets!!!!

  20. kymi (@kymnasium)

    my twitter handle is @kymnasium, My favorite frozen foods is Red baron pizza’s, lean pockets & hot pockets, Stouffer’s family meals, Tyson chicken BBQ wings, crispy strips & grilled chicken and any frozen veggies. (peas, corn, carrots, spinach, stir fry’ mix’s).

  21. Lindsey C.

    My favorite frozen foods are berries for making healthy smoothies and of course ice cream for an occasional treat!

    RSVP @linds0120

  22. jessica monahan

    RSVP @foxy202
    My family loves frozen pizza

  23. Stacey Smith

    RSVP @girlrocksosu I love frozen veggies (corn, broccoli, & potatoes) Frozen fruit is always in my freezer

  24. @mitadav

    RSVP @mitadav We like frozen veggie pizza.

  25. @LaurajjDe

    rsvp @LaurajjDe . Love taking part in ur twitter parties. Thanks for the chance. will be there in party. Iove frozen spinach, carrot and beans such as soya, french and sweet peas . they all are always in my freezer .

  26. Ancilla J

    I RSVP’D @DealinDiva My favorite frozen food is pizza 🙂

  27. @marleykristin

    I love frozen food.. Pizza, veggies, breakfast sandwiches and stouffers meals.

  28. angie depue

    Rsvp @angiedepue
    fave frozen food is ice cream!!

  29. Frozen veggies, fruit, waffles, and ice cream

  30. Rsvp @eseattlemama our faves are frozen veggies, fruit, waffles, and ice cream

  31. @CammiH42

    Rsvp @CammiH42. We love frozen peaches, spinach, and cauliflower and broccoli!!

  32. @heatheracts

    RSVP @heatheracts. I love frozen fruit for smoothies!

  33. @n210ss or @n210ss_ja


    @n210ss or @n210ss_ja

    My favorite frozen foods are Pizza, Chicken/Turkey/Beef Pot Pies, and veggies to use in recipes!

  34. Geet Mahadik

    RSVP @GeetMaha. I love frozen fruit for smoothies!! So yummy…

  35. Amy S

    My favorite frozen food is pizzas, chicken nuggets and veggies. @Queenof5guys

  36. Erica Thompson

    @EricaKirstin, Can’t wait to party!! My fave frozen foods are waffles, pizza, fruit & Ice Cream!!! 🙂

  37. @Luispatvazquez

    RSVP @Luispatvazquez I love frozen pizza and ice cream!

  38. Just RSVP’ed – @HappyHrProjects!
    We use frozen veggies quite often. Although I’m not going to lie – my real favorite frozen food are pies, for special occasions.

  39. sarah sinkus

    rsvp @ critterboo and i love frfozen desserts

  40. @DonnaNatale66

    RSVP @DonnaNatale66

    I love my frozen veggies and fruit! And my kids love those quick frozen pizzas

  41. Sandy Vanbuskirk

    I will be there @ssony711

  42. cher marsh

    rsvp @chermarsh3000 , Love Ice Cream

  43. serenefairy_2

    i like chicken pot pies and tuna noodle casserole and stouffers!

  44. Kristin Welch

    RSVP’d under @grapejuicemomma…. Frozen foods I like best: does ice cream count?? Lol. I love frozen veggies such as broccoli and peas; last longer but can still feel comfortable with them being nutritious and fresh!

  45. Bridget Patterson


  46. RSVP @MrsKrystie Tweet y’all soon! A family favorite frozen food in my home is frozen waffles! The kids also frozen pizzas, pizza rolls and corn dogs.

  47. Betty B.

    RSVP @angelgenius27 I like frozen vegetables, especially the asian medley perfect for stir fry!

  48. Michelle Johnson

    I love frozen veggies. Makes crock pot meals even easier!

  49. RSVP @VinVinPhilly

    I love frozen waffles, Chicken Nuggets, corn and frozen fish sticks

  50. I am so excites to cjat with you all…..woooo hoooo lets get it trending!!!!! #HowStayFreshStaysFresh @chynadoll2love

  51. amber

    rsvp @Callie1981 – I love frozen fruit blends!

  52. anna pry

    we like frozen veggies, fries, and pizzas the most

  53. Debbi Papay

    I have frozen pizza, fish stocks, and icecream.

  54. @wackyhappypappy


  55. @woozlewozzle I love frozen corn, it is such a great side dish in a pinch!

  56. RSVP @Nupur_Ghosh All time favorite frozen treats are chicken nuggets , french fries, frozen grapes and ice cream offcourse.

    will be a delicious party cant wait

  57. I RSVP’D, and my fav frozen food is pizza or lasagna!!

  58. Mary Fagans

    RSVP @kittylover1313 My link~~ ~~ Frozen foods~~ Pizza, Waffles, Fruits & Frozen Yogurt

  59. Michelle S

    I RSVP’D (@Chellesyvonne)

    I love frozen fruits and vegetables!

  60. Karin Soderberg


    Love frozen berries, mangos, grapes! and always want to have frozen corn and peas on hand.

  61. Sherry Bracy

    RSVPed @sherrybracy I Love Frozen Foods That have all the benefits of a whole meal, so that i know me & my family are getting the nutrition that we need in our bodies. I also like a quick frozen snack/ meal like Broccoli W/ Cheese and other veggies to cook up fast for the family! with 7 of us here in the home, they sure come in handy onthose busy days that we have no time to sit and cook/bake for hours! Love The Convenince of Frozen Foods, and how the flavors are just like fresh! 🙂

  62. Chrissy Kim

    I RSVPed. @OhLaLaChrissy. My favorite frozen foods are pizza and Lean Cuisine microwave dinners!

  63. steve weber

    RSVP- @groogruxking40

  64. ReadWriteRed

    I like frozen vegetarian entrees & frozen pizza best

  65. Oanh Ho

    My Twitter name is @Julybug17 and I like frozen spinach and berries for baking.

  66. AnnsTipToes

    @AnnsTipToes RSVp

  67. RSVP @motherearth2000 My favorite frozen food is fruit!

  68. Gelato,spinach, and pizza are my favorite frozen items.

  69. laura cagnina deck RSVPing 🙂 tweet ya soon!!!!!!

  70. I love frzen fruit, veggies & pizza oh and ice cream, yummy! rsvp@mizvanilla

  71. @homesickak7

    RSVP @Homesickak7

  72. Lori L.

    RSVP @monlor
    I love frozen strawberries and peaches!

  73. Crystal Sweet

    RSVP @SweetieCM

    I love frozen tater tots!

  74. Juanita C.

    mmm..frozen pizza and ice cream

  75. @kellewele My favorite frozen food is brussell sprouts.

  76. Tashia Allen


  77. Rachel

    RSVP @rmtsweeps 🙂

  78. Donna W.

    rsvp @disneymom917

  79. @peachy_62

    Frozen veggies are the best! RSVP @peachy_62

  80. Kricket Fountain

    Oh no, it won’t let me RSVP ? What can I do? It says registration expired. @FountainKricket

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