Is the Handbag a Thing of the Past?

Is the Handbag a Thing of the Past?

Is the Handbag a Thing of the Past?

A status symbol and beloved of top designers worldwide, handbags were once the it-girl fashion item. But now? Trendsetters and influencers are beginning to suggest that the handbag may have had its day as a practical item and an essential fashion statement. Much in the worlds of fashion, media and lifestyle are driven by millennials and Gen Z—those young enough to be in vogue and set trends see the handbags of yesteryear in a different light.  Handbags are not top of their list or even on the list. So what is? We hope that this Is the Handbag a Thing of the Past? post inspires you. 

Is the Handbag a Thing of the Past?

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The Phone Case Is the New Fashion Accessory

The item that is never out of our reach is your phone. Your phone is your wallet, laptop, camera, and communication tool. For the younger generation, it's their world. As the latest desk stationery, the phone has made it so that you might not even need a desk. Your phone will be front and center wherever you are. The phone case is just as important as the type of phone, if not more so. It's not just a stylish way to keep your phone safe but a statement about who you are and what you value.

Take the iPhone 13 Pro case, for example. It has wireless charging capabilities, drop protection, and conveniences like digital wallets. Who needs a handbag to hold your wallet, planner, and address book when you can communicate with people, order things online, chat and hold meetings with your phone? Plus, with styles for every day of the week, it's the new fashion accessory that matches everything. Blend your phone case with your outfit, or pick one to suit your mood or the occasion. 

Is the Handbag a Thing of the Past?

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Have Handbags Outlived Their Usefulness?

These days, younger people travel light. No cash, no wallet with cards—everything they need is on their phone. Handbags are not widespread, and fashion history does suggest a link between the popularity and style of handbags and social shifts.  The Simone Handbag Museum, housed in a handbag-shaped building in Seoul, has a lower level devoted to 20th-century bags, emphasizing Western design. It is easy to see how societal developments have shaped handbag design.

Less Handbags on the Runway

It's no surprise that fashion houses have also started to showcase the phone case as the latest designer accessory.  In the 2017 Louis Vuitton spring/summer catwalk show, the first model who walked down the catwalk did not carry a handbag but a phone case styled on a miniaturized version of a classic Louis Vuitton monogrammed trunk.

Phone Cases are the New Fashion Accessory

But there is more to it than that. Appearance is not just about the choice of the phone case. Carrying and using your phone means you are busy, influential, and connected.  In the days of the mirror selfie, this is as much about showing off your phone case as it is about creating the right impression.As the under-30s drive design and influence fashion and practical design, handbags are currently taking a back seat.

The phone is the essential lifestyle accessory, a crucial piece of apparel with a case chosen to match a location, occasion, outfit, or just how you feel on the day. However, handbags have a history and are the queens of the comeback. Spare masks and hand sanitizer saw to that, and it won’t be long before another driver develops, making sure a handy bag is never far away. We hope that this Is the Handbag a Thing of the Past? post inspires you.

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