A Busy Sports Family

A Busy Sports Family

A Busy Sports Family


I grew up with sports. My sister and I played pretty much anything including softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball and more. I even ran track. My dad coached us for years as well.

In my own family, I always require that my kids be in something that causes them to be active. I say require but it is not like I am twisting their arms. They cannot wait to get out there on the field or court play.


Our typical week is a busy. On Tuesdays, all three kids have gymnastics. Wednesday is soccer. Thursday is lacrosse. The week is for practices and the weekends are for games.

On the weekends, I am sometimes in the car for hours. Last weekend, I left the house at 7:15 am and we did not walk back in the door until after 2pm. We had soccer games, lacrosse matches and a birthday party thrown in just to shake things up a little.


One of the things that I always do is pack a cooler for drinks and snacks. I freeze Capri Sun juice pouches the night before along with some grapes and yogurt tubes. I throw pretzels and a few other assorted snacks in the cooler and we are off.

I want the kids to always have something available that is good for them that will satisfy their thirst or hunger but also give them energy as well. I let my kids choose from what’s available and I give them plenty of choices.


This past weekend, my kids did very well. My 7 year old assisted in the scoring of two goals which led her soccer team to victory. My 9 year old played a very key position that helped his lacrosse team win as well.

My little one (pictured above) is just happy to be playing and I am pretty sure that you can tell that from her picture.

We will most likely always be a sports family. Sports do so many great things for kids and I can attest to that. They build confidence. They help with strength and coordination. Sports teach the value of teamwork and sometimes the thrill of victory along with dealing with defeat.

I have the best childhood memories from playing sports and I am hoping that my kids will one day say the same thing.


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This post is sponsored by Capri Sun. My kids have loved Capri Sun since I can remember. Their current favorite is Capri Sun Super V and that is the only juice drink they drink. They love the taste and I love that they get a combined serving of fruits and vegetables plus a good source of antioxidants, vitamins A, C & E.

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