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Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

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Southern Breeze Sweet Tea2This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.

Have you tried Southern Breeze Sweet Tea? I am a sweet tea drinker. Living here in the south, we are kind of raised on sweet tea so it is pretty much everywhere.

I have fond memories of sitting on my grandmother's back porch drinking sweet tea with her every summer while I was growing up. There was always a pitcher in her refrigerator and that's when I grew to love it so much. However the sugar in sweet tea kind of worries me. I really try to watch my sugar intake.

We recently tried Southern Breeze Sweet Tea and I loved it. I loved that it was already sweetened and that you brew it fresh every time. It was fast and easy to make without the need to add anything else.

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One of the great things about Southern Breeze is that the sweetener (Splenda) is already inside the family sized tea bag. There is no measuring and no recipe. The tea us quick and easy to make which means this one of a kind tea is perfect right out of the box. You simply brew the tea just you have always done, let it steep for five minutes and then you are ready to drink. Plus all of the tea tags have different sweet tea quotes!

Southern Breeze is real tea that you brew fresh. There are real tealeaves in the tea bags rather than some imitation or powder. It tastes like fresh sweet tea with the perfect balance of tea & sweetness. However, you can drink it all you want because there are no calories.


Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is now available at Harris Teeter, Ingles, Wegman’s &

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One lucky reader of The Divine Miss Mommy will win a Southern Breeze Sweet Tea prize pack which includes a box of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea to sample, along with a Southern Breeze Sweet Tea mason jar & straw. (Value: $10.00.)

To enter, comment below and tell me what you love about Sweet Tea or share memory of being together with family or friends and drinking Sweet Tea. US only. 18 & older. Giveaway ends 7/25/14.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.

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  1. Leigh Anne Borders

    I have fond memories of drinking sweet tea down at my grandparents lake house on Lake Jackson. They have since passed but I recall many days sitting out on the screened in porch talking and watching the others fish. Great memories. As a native Georgia girl, there is nothing quite like an ice cold glass of sweet tea (in a mason jar).

  2. kristin h

    mmmmm sweet tea is by far my favorite drink besides coffee.
    I love the sweet, refreshing taste it gives me – I love drinking it on a hot summer night sitting on the front patio, relaxing and unwinding reading a magazine!

  3. Robin Wilson

    Born and raised in the South, I was brought up on sweet iced tea. Heck it was probably in my bottles back in the day. I will never forget the green glass tea pitcher that was always in my grandmother’s fridge full of sweet tea. It was so heavy the kids could barely lift it! After my grandmother died my sister got the pitcher and she carries on the sweet iced tea tradition!

  4. CharityS

    I love the flavor of sweet tea.

  5. Lisa

    I can’t remember any meals served in my house growing up that didn’t have a couple of gallons of sweet tea served with it. It’s a southern tradition. A big tall glass of sweet tea makes everything taste better!

  6. deb medeiros

    I was not an iced tea drinker until last week when my best friend gave me a glass. I preferred a spicy chai type of tea and definitely not sweetened as all the others were too sweet and or inconsistent in flavor strength. I have changed my opinion after trying Southern Breeze.

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