The 3 Glamping Mistakes To Make Sure You Avoid

The 3 Glamping Mistakes To Make Sure You Avoid


The 3 Glamping Mistakes To Make Sure You Avoid

Glamping is becoming very trendy as a travel option these days. It may be because during the pandemic camping was the only choice for some people to take a vacation. However, many found that they were not the type who enjoys roughing it. Luckily for them, there is the option of glamping. This is a lot like camping but with more comfort and better food.

You have the benefit of still getting out into nature and enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking scenery. Yet, you don’t have to wear the same clothes for days at a time and eat freeze-dried food. Instead, you can enjoy your time outdoors with a cozy tent and fine wine. If you do things right, that is. In this article, we will go over several common mistakes to avoid when glamping.

1 – Not bringing the power

Not everybody wants to stay in a campground when they go glamping. Although there is the possibility of hooking up to the power supply, there is the downside of being packed into pitches too close to your neighbor and their dirty laundry hanging. It’s not exactly getting away from it all in this case.


If you don’t bring along a power source and you aren’t in a campground then you will be roughing it more than you might want to. You should bring along a portable generator or even some foldable solar panels with a battery. This way you can enjoy your tent in style and not miss the creature comforts of home.

2 – Not enough planning

Some people love camping because they don’t have to plan much and love to deal with the challenge of little surprises cropping up. To be comfortable, you have to make sure that there aren’t many surprises and you can truly relax. This means you do have to plan things out well.

You should make sure to have a meal plan for the time you will be there. Having an idea of what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks will allow you to go shopping for everything you need so you don’t run out of food. The whole point of glamping is to avoid having to eat lousy camping food.

You should also think about the weather before you go. If it looks like it will get chilly at night, consider bringing a heater along. Some extra clothes will also come in handy if it’s wet or humid.

3 – Not bringing emergency gear

Glamping may feel luxurious but you should never forget that you are still out in nature. Anything can happen so you have to be ready for an emergency. This means that you need to have some emergency gear in case of a surprise.

Have a way to get out of there by bringing a GPS device that isn’t your cell phone in case you get lost or there is no internet where you are. A first aid kit is also essential and should include things for wounds, illnesses, and the ability to cut things.

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