ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas. Stay in the lap of luxury
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ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas

ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA

Luxury Accommodations at ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites

The spectacular Aria Resort and Casino greets visitors to Las Vegas less than two miles from the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign on Las Vegas Boulevard. This sleek, mysterious, and modern-themed resort is the largest and tallest structure in Las Vegas' City Center. Designed with two curved mirror-like glass and steel towers that flank a center column, this intriguing massive structure often appears to disappear into its arid surrounding environment.

In Vegas you will find many entertainment and food options. While this can be overwhelming, ARIA the makes it simple by having everything that you could want in terms of cuisine and entertainment within its walls. The magnificent Aria is home to a 150,000 square-foot casino along with 16 restaurants and 10 bars and nightclubs.

Much of the Aria is surrounded by a combined 215,000 square-feet of swimming pools that offer private dipping for guests and a large open area for more public interaction. The swimming pool is surrounded by 50 cabanas near an 80,000 square-foot salon and spa. Other hotel amenities include a 300,000 square-foot convention center and two theaters.

The Aria Resort and Casino rests on over four million square feet. It has 61 stories and 4,004 suites. This unique resort and casino has won awards for its innovative svelte and mysterious design along with the innovative environment-friendly technology that is used in the Aria's daily operations.

ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Bedroom


Guests of the Aria are treated to “smart room” suites that automatically adjust the temperature when they enter or exit the room. The remote controlled curtains and lights also automatically adjust with lights and unused electronics that automatically turn off after the occupants have exited.

Every suite in this exquisitely designed glass resort is afforded breathtaking views of the Nevada desert. Aria offers guests a wide variety of enticing suites that range from 520 square feet to over 2,000 square-foot executive suites that include a conference room and a host of exclusive features. Guests of the Aria are pampered with 24-hour full room service, porters, bellhops, and doormen and women.

The suites are equipped with state of the art entertainment systems. Guests are pampered with premium-quality hypo-allergenic cotton linens, luxurious bathrobes, and are treated to turndown service if they choose. Guests of the Aria are also offered in-suite massages and spa treatments.


I am going to be completely honest by telling you that if you are a budget traveler (note I rarely discuss budget traveling; we always focus on the experience), you probably shouldn't go for a Sky Suite. They cost more and budget travelers simply don't or shouldn't have the same expectations as luxury travelers. Someone opening the door for you and saying good morning every day is a total mood booster to me on a vacation. For a week or so this year, someone else is taking care of me, for the most part. I enjoy being taken care of and I fully expect to pay more for that. You wouldn't believe how truly amazing a vacation can be until you have experienced luxury travel at least once. ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas

The Sky Suites are worth it. They are a splurge for some and an everyday occurrence for others. Either way, you will feel completely catered to complete with:

  • a ride to and from the airport. I'm talking name on a sign, people! I kind of dig that every once in a while.
  • a separate check-in entrance and area with no lines. I was greeted to check in immediately.
  • an entire area of the hotel. Sky Suites are separate entrances and elevator banks. Regular room key holders cannot get access to the Sky Suites.
  • very nicely appointed and sized rooms. I felt at home and never once closed in. I dare say that this room is bigger than many New York apartments.
  • the bathroom. Seriously the bathroom!!! They have the whole toilet bidet dryer thing going which could really be an entire post itself. A great shower and perfect bathtub plus a nice sized closet.
  • two 42 inch televisions and an iHome clock on the nightstand.
  • a bed so amazing that I was so close to ordering it while I was there complete with luxurious linens.
  • a refrigerator and bar area.
  • a living room with a desk area.
  • everything comes complete with sweeping views of the vibrant Las Vegas area.
  • some other things that I am probably forgetting.


The Aria's 80,000-square-foot spa is fully equipped with hot tubs, a tranquil therapy pool, steam rooms, dry saunas, a salt room, and more. Guests are treated to a variety of exotic massage and therapeutic options including aromatherapy and even a green tea eye compress therapy treatment combined with a cool stone facial massage. The vast menu of massage options also includes warm stone treatments and a 100-minute intense sports massage. ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas

Aria's spa also has a beauty salon with hair and beauty services. This expansive spa has private patios, air conditioned public areas, and designated smoking areas.

The Aria Resort features a tropically-themed exterior with an assortment of pools and hidden hot tubs integrated into an oasis of shade-bearing trees and foliage. The large, elliptically shaped main pool is a social hotspot. It is surrounded by a bar, lounging chairs, cabanas; along with music to sooth and stimulate the spirit of the crowd.

The Aria Resort and Casino is the brainchild of the MGM Grand Resorts International. It was produced as a joint venture with Infinity World Development, and it is celebrated as the most technologically advanced hotel ever built. As technology lovers, we certainly can appreciate the the magnificence of ARIA.

Vacations are an escape for us. We love planning them, taking them and constantly researching them. It is very rare that so many of the things we would like in one spot but ARIA is that place for us. Consider upgrading on your next visit to ARIA. You will definitely enhance your vacation.

I even won a little money:

ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Hotel Casino Cashout Voucher

ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Bedroom 2ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Wet Bar ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Sitting Area ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Powder Room ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Living Room ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Foyer ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Closet ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Bidet Rear End Washer ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Bathroom ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - Aria Sky Suites Bathroom 3 ARIA Hotel & Sky Suites in Las Vegas - ARIA Sky Suites Bathroom 2

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  1. This has got to be one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever seen. The next time we’re in Vegas, this is where we’re staying.

  2. That skyline is breathtaking! And I can’t help but giggle at the butt-drying toilet… totally worth taking that picture. HAHA!

  3. The room looks really elegant, but inviting! I haven’t been to Vegas yet, but I am *hoping* hubby takes me there for our 15 year anniversary in 2 years. We’ll definitely look into staying here if so!

  4. Nancy Partin

    What a nice room. I would love a vacation there.

  5. This looks incredible. My husband and I haven’t been to Vegas since I was pregnant with my first. This reminds me of all the fun we once had (I think a girls trip is order soon).

  6. This sounds like a great option for a Vegas trip. I’d love to plan a trip out there sometime soon.

  7. Wow! I would have to say that I am a budget traveler so all the luxury would be foreign to me 🙂 It definitely looks like you get pampered.

  8. This looks like a fun place to visit …. I have never been to Vegas before think I have to go!

  9. It’s so hard to imagine 16 restaurants in the hotel! That is more than we have in our town. Las Vegas has some very savvy executives who understand what customer service really means. It sounds like you had a great time and that you are going to influence a lot of people to book ARIA for their next trip.

  10. Ryan Escat

    What a great place to check in. In the future if we have a chance to go to Vegas, we will definitely visit this awesome hotel.

  11. Jeanine

    Wow what a lovely hotel. The room looks pretty amazing, and like no place I’ve stayed before. Aria hotel is super nice!

  12. This looks like a lovely place to stay. The room is gorgeous. I also love the view from your room.

  13. Wow, that’s an amazing room! I love the view and that awesome tub!

  14. What a stunning hotel! Visiting Vegas is always so full of fun and luxury. Sounds like a wonderful place to stay.

  15. I went to Vegas for the first time last year and definitely interesting in returning. I would love to stay at the Aria…I saw it in passing when I was there but now its a must that I can stay there in the near future. This summer for sure!

  16. I love hotels. The bedding is better then mine. The bathroom are better than mine, the view is always better than mine. That building is amazing!

  17. Ann Bacciaglia

    This looks like a great place to stay, I love the decor in the room and the bath tub.

  18. The good thing about Vegas is that you almost never have to need any other place nearby, all you have to do is to look for an all-in-one like ARIA here. I appreciate the honest tip for budget travellers as well, but of course if possible the quality is what we’re paying for.

  19. That hotel looks absolutely amazing! It looks so sleek, elegant and clean. I think it’s time for a Vegas getaway with the hubby.

  20. Wow what a beautiful hotel! We’ve never been to Vegas. I’d love to stay there!

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