Make the Right Choice with Choice Hotels
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Make the Right Choice with Choice Hotels

Make the Right Choice with Choice Hotels #RightChoice

Did you know that when it comes to travel and indeed pretty much anything in life, you always have a choice?

There are a myriad of choices that we go through each and every single day. There are always decisions to make like:

Travel or stay home?

Go out to dinner or eat in?

Paper or plastic?

The point is that you always have a choice. The choice to connect in person and see each other face to face also takes many things into factor like:

  • the right location
  • the right price
  • rewards
  • and more

If you think about travel, consider that it is much less about that destination and more about the people on the other end. The people that you get to spend face to face time with.

When I travel with family, friends or even alone, I am always looking to connect on the other end no matter where I am going. It's not as much about the place as it is about the people that I am visiting on the other end.


The portfolio of Choice Hotels includes 11 brands of hotels with more than 5,000 locations in the US. These are people that can help you find the perfectly property close to the people you want to visit whether you are traveling alone, with a group, on business or vacation, to family or friends.

Booking is seamlessly done through the Choice Hotels website or on the mobile app.
Choice Hotels ensures that you will feel well taken care of when you stay with them and their rewards program gives you the opportunity to bank points for future travel to see the people you want to see.

With Choice Hotels, you have an entire company standing behind no matter where you choose to go. They celebrate those people making the right choice and they thrive on connecting you to your people.

No matter where I stay, I look for certain things in any hotel. I want the staff to be personable and friendly. I never want to feel like just another guest. Location is extremely important because I want to be close to wherever I plan to visit. Amenities are also important because I like to be able to swim or workout or sometimes just relax in a common area.

Finally, I love a good rewards program. I want to be rewarded for my loyalty and for frequently choosing to stay in the same hotel. But ultimately it is all about connecting on the other end of wherever I go.

Make the Right Choice with Choice Hotels #RightChoice


We are heading to that hotel above for a family staycation (photo courtesy of Comfort Suites Perimeter Center). We are going to pop some popcorn, grab some fun snacks along with ice cream and toppings, and enjoy ourselves at the hotel for a fun weekend away. They have a pool and offer a free, hot breakfast everyday.

In full disclosure, Choice Hotels gave me a free night. Text and opinions are my own.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Choice Hotels. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. We’ve stayed at a number of Choice Hotels and have always had a good time. They are great hotels for our family!

  2. Price is everything! Can’t afford boutique hotels lol. Thanks for the very informative post 

  3. Sounds like a good place to stay in, I like the idea of getting rewards with staying somewhere consistently especially since it’s a nice place.
    you have a beautiful family

  4. I would definitely consider it. I hope you have a great fun time.

  5. Friendly staff in a hotel is important. The last time my family and I stayed at a large, popular and expensive hotel, and the service was less than average. Very disappointing. I’ll keep Choice Hotels in my mind next time!

  6. Sounds like Choice Hotels has a great business model! Thanks for your review!

  7. Since you stayed in the hotel, I’d love to see pictures of what to expect from your stay, etc. Your kids are pretty cute though. 

  8. Erin

    I hope y’all had a great stay! Choice hotels definitely seem like the place to go.

  9. I have stayed in several choice hotels over the past two years and I absolutely love the experience and the friendly staff. I agree with you that it is the people that makes your travel beautiful and memorable.

  10. Alexandra Cook

    Oh wow, Sounds like a perfect place to stay and relax. It is important to me that they have a friendly staff.

  11. Va Anne Rome

    This is the hotel is something that I would really love to stay. I will save this and will consider this on our next travel.

  12. Sam

    I don’t believe I’ve stayed in a Choice Hotel before, but it sounds like what I’d look for in a hotel. Personable service is very important. I like a good rewards program too. I’ll have to check them out the next time that I travel.

  13. Wow, looks like great places to stay! I don’t think I have ever stayed on their properties but, I want to give it a try.

  14. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I will have to remember to check Choice Hotels once we resume traveling again this summer. It sure looks like a good app to have. Thanks for introducing me to the service.

  15. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    My cousin is a frequent traveler and he would find Choice Hotels very useful. I will send the link to this post to him. He does deserve a good rest after flying/driving for hours to attend a business conference.

  16. I really like Choice hotels. They’re affordable, comfortable and clearly great for a staycation too.

  17. If you’re looking into doing a staycation, Choice Hotels may be a good fit for you. :0)

  18. I feel like I stayed at a Choice Hotel before but I don’t REALLY remember. Sort of rings a bell. I need to take a closer look at the chain though because it seems like a nice hotel line that is also affordable!

  19. Deanna

    Choice Hotels sound great! Who doesn’t love a great staycation! 

  20. Jacque Hooper

    I am always sold on something if the customer service is top notch! I’ll have to keep this chain in mind when I travel next! Thank you for your review!

  21. Choice hotels sounds great! I will be checking them out now for sure thanks 🙂

  22. Ana

    Choice hotels sound amazing for a family vacation! I totally agree with you that right location, right deals and rewards are some of the main parameters while booking a hotel.

  23. The staff is really important in any service type of business. It really uplifts your travel experience. Hope to try it soon.

  24. For us price means everything. I do check and make sure the reviews are good and that the place is clean the price is definitely king. We have used Choice Hotels many many times.

  25. Amy Desrosiers

    I need to go through them the next time I book! Sounds like a really safe bet!

  26. I’ve had some great experiences with choice hotels! I love that they have a variety of options from affordable to more luxury.

  27. I love staycations where the hotel is a big part of the treat and you can be a tourist in your own city. And if you can get a good deal on the hotel… all the better. 

  28. We so are in need of a staycation. Looks like you all had a great time. Signed, Over worked from Southern California.

  29. Awesome! I’ll have to keep this in mind!

  30. Sherry

    We have always had a great experience when we stayed in any of the Choice hotels. I love that they offer free breakfast.

  31. Catalina

    What a beautiful weekend family vacation. This one seems to be a nice hotel with everything a family needs!

  32. krystal

    I actually haven’t stayed at a Choice Hotel. I should look into it and see where my nearest one is!

  33. I love all the Choice Hotels out there. they really are nice and clean and comfortable. 

  34. Ruth I

    I can’t wait for your next post about your stay there. It looks nice!

  35. Sarah

    I’m always willing to pay a little more for a good hotel. When I’m away from home, I want to be in a nice hotel with good service. It’s so important! 

  36. Rachel

    I really do like earning rewards with things. It is a great loyalty program.

  37. Sounds like you had a nice vacations and time and seems like a perfect place to stay and relax. I haven’t stayed at a Choice Hotel before, that would be in my mind next time!

  38. Who would have thought they’ve got so many brands and hundreds of hotels world-wide? I find these fact fun and very educational. I always look for some extra comfort when I travel.

  39. Kiwi

    So cool there is a choice hotel in Perimeter in Atlanta! I would love to take a staycation in the city soon!

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