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7 Tips for Moms Starting Their Own Business

7 Tips for Moms Starting Their Own Business7 Tips for Moms Starting Their Own Business

It's no secret that being a mother to one or more children is essentially a full-time job. Trying to make it on time to soccer practice, packing lunches, cooking dinner and other domestic chores can be time-consuming and challenging to manage. 

However, there are plenty of women who manage motherhood and being an entrepreneur at the same time. Finding a few hours out of the week to also manage a business is not something for every kind of mom. However, it's a perfect way to make some extra cash on the side to help support your family.

Let's explore seven tips you can use to make starting your own business a breeze.

1. Set Aside Time for Self-Care

Self-care is something often overlooked — however, we all need time to replenish ourselves, especially when times get tough. It's so common to experience burnout nowadays, and as a mother, you're juggling many responsibilities every day. It can quickly become overwhelming if you don't take care of yourself. 

Whether that's a long bubble bath and a glass of wine or a night out with friends, scheduling a specific time to dedicate to yourself will pay off in the long run. You'll be able to show up more refreshed and ready to take on any challenges you may face.

2. Outsource Household Chores

Because you'll be busy getting your business off the ground, it's normal to experience a time where household chores get put on the back burner. Whether you have dishes piling up in the sink or an overflowing laundry basket, hiring a professional nanny or housekeeper can help ease some of the stress associated with completing household chores. 

While some associate having a housekeeper as a major luxury, understand that outsourcing your housekeeping can leave you more time to develop your business. Taking advantage of the time you have will help you establish a company you're passionate about. Taking some chores off your plate will only make things easier for you.

3. Do Your Market Research

Before you throw all of your money into an idea to start a business, it's critical to gain some insight into the market you plan on entering. Doing market research will help you understand the business landscape and guide you as you venture into starting your own business. 

Make sure you're tuned into social media channels to stay updated on your industry's latest trends. You can also try running your idea past some close friends or family members to see what they think of your potential business model. You want to take the proper steps to prepare and ensure the market you're entering will prove profitable for your business. 

4. Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Starting a business comes with its fair share of challenges, and the last thing you want is to overthink every decision you have to make. Decision-making skills are critical for every entrepreneur — you'll have to decide on pricing your products or services, what types of software will help you accomplish your tasks and which times during the week you can dedicate to working on your business. 

It's pretty much guaranteed that you'll run into problems as you start your business, and making the right decisions may seem daunting at first. Avoid feeding into analysis paralysis and be confident in the decisions you make. Even if one of your business decisions fails or backfires, treat the experience as a learning opportunity. 

5. Define Success on Your Terms

Everyone has a different definition of success. However, as you begin your business career, you'll likely set expectations for yourself and the goals you want to achieve. It's vital to remember that your business can go in any direction, and you are more than just the business you run. However you want to define your success is acceptable — don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Make sure you're setting realistic, SMART goals. This is what SMART stands for, and make sure to follow this format when goal setting:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

6. Prioritize Health and Wellness

As your schedule gets busier with juggling being a mom and entrepreneur, it may be challenging to prioritize your health and wellness. However, when you focus on your well-being, you'll be able to show up for your business and your family. 

Ensure you're getting enough rest at night, making nutritious meals and setting aside time to exercise. You can even consider finding a family-friendly fitness center so you can bring your kids! No need to worry about hiring a babysitter. 

  1. Ask for Help

One of the most important things to remember about starting a business is that you don't need to venture into this journey alone. It's no surprise that creating, developing and executing a business model will come with challenges. The best thing you can do is to ask for help.

Asking for help is a powerful business skill to have — the last thing you want is to feel too overwhelmed with your business that you don't know where else to turn. Having a reliable, trustworthy business partner could make the entire process more manageable.

Becoming a “Mompreneur”

It takes drive, ambition, patience and experience to create a profitable business. There are plenty of benefits to reap by starting a business — you have complete control over your schedule, for example, and you can establish a business by investing in what you're already passionate about. Keep these tips in mind as you begin establishing your business, and good luck!

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