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Why Experiences Are Better than Things 

Why Experiences Are Better than Things Why Experiences Are Better than Things 

When it comes to the things that people regret towards the end of life, it is never in regards to material things. It's always about spending time with family and loved ones. Remembering the experiences of their lives is what reminds them that they lived a rich, fulfilling life – not a closet full of unworn clothes or a shelf full of knick-knacks. So, as we approach the holiday season and start thinking about gift-giving and hosting parties, let's keep in mind that experiences are not only better but more important than “things.” You don't have to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, but make sure you focus on making memories as you head into the new year instead of going into debt for things that won't truly matter in months or years to come. 

If You're Planning A Party 

If you're planning to be the host or hostess for any events this year, one of the first things you should do is search “videographer near me” to make sure you capture the beautiful moments unfolding through the night. Sure, we've all got our own cameras and video recordings in our back pockets in the form of our phones, but they don't compare when it comes to capturing the true magic. Not only are camera videos often shot with a shaky hand, but they're also missing the most essential person sometimes – you. Suppose you're the one taking the video you're missing from it. So, hiring a videographer to record your holiday events, or any event for that matter, is a sound investment no matter which way you look at it. 

You'll be able to cherish high-quality, artfully shot candid and sweet moments between you and your loved ones for years to come. Additionally, along with the videographer's hard copies, you can download these and easily share them with others that were in attendance. Can you think of a more special Christmas gift for them? Yeah, I didn't think so!

Check Your List Twice 

When shopping for gifts this year, consider giving the people in your life the gift of an experience. Whether that's a membership to a local children's museum or play place for young children or a gym membership for your loved ones that are fitness-oriented. If you're feeling incredibly generous or the budget is of no issue for you, you could even gift a vacation to your parents. Some people forgo gifts as a family altogether and take a holiday vacation with each other. Talk about a stress-free holiday season! So, focus on the experiences you can bestow on people instead of a new handbag, book, or bottle of wine. Though, one could argue a bottle of wine is an experience too!

If You Have to Shop 

If you insist on shopping for others, consider using a philosophy that serves everyone involved – Want, Need, Wear, Read. This is a great gift combination that works for recipients of every age – not to mention it makes for a cute little gift basket! The idea behind WNWR is that you purchase something you know the person you're giving a gift to truly wants. If you don't know what they “want,” there's no shame in asking! Something they need? If you're close, you may already know their coffee machine or toaster is on its last leg, and that's an easy choice. Wearing can get complicated. If you're shopping for kids, their clothing size is easily ascertained, but if you're shopping for adults, sticking to things that are one size fits most, like a scarf or gloves, is your best bet. Reading is pretty straightforward if you know people's interests, and if not, a gift certificate to a local bookstore is a great idea. A local used book store is an even better and more sustainable option. 

Hopefully, your takeaway is that gift-giving and the holidays should be as stress-less as possible. When you focus on just spending time with one another and creating memories to last a lifetime – and even further, hire someone to help you capture those memories – is what it's all about. So, relax this year. It's been a rough couple of years; spend time enjoying each other and remind people how much they mean to you every day. Happy Holidays!

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