7 Home Repairs to Know About This Spring

7 Home Repairs to Know About This Spring

7 Home Repairs to Know About This Spring

Here are 7 Essential home repairs to keep in mind as Spring Approaches

In the spring, warm weather and more hours of daylight help construction professionals conduct home repairs. Spring is also the best time of year to place your property on the real estate market. Repairing residential damage can increase your home’s value and reduce the number of days it spends on the market.

Many houses experience damage during winter storms. Individuals may repair the deficiencies to minimize flooding or pest interference in the warmer months. There are seven home repairs residents should engage with this spring to enhance their properties’ stability.

Essential Exterior Home Repairs for Spring

1. Fix Gutters and Downspouts

High winds and ice can damage gutters and downspouts in the winter. The home features are essential in the spring and summer when precipitation rates increase. When downspouts break, stormwater can leak into the soil surrounding a house’s foundation.

Oversaturated soil can cause cracks and other damaging effects to a foundation. Broken gutters may destruct a roof and create internal water damage. Residents may receive a gutter inspection before replacing parts.

After receiving an inspection, individuals can replace their broken gutters and downspouts. They may also reposition their downspouts to carry stormwater at least ten feet from their properties’ foundations. Properly placed components can reduce mold accumulation in basements and ground floor levels. Don't wait until the damage has already been done – take proactive measures to protect your home with help from Mighty Dog Roofing Alpharetta, GA.


2. Repaint The Outside of a House

Another way to protect properties from damage is by updating exterior paint. Over time, paint can chip, peel and crack, which exposes underlying wood to the elements. Many building guidelines require residents to cover their woodwork with paint, protecting homes from environmental damage.

Individuals may use paints without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to increase residents’ safety. Long-term exposure to VOC paint can cause cancer, kidney damage and central nervous system disruption. Residents can protect their health and home by using VOC-free exterior paint.

3. Seal Driveway Cracks

Freezing and thawing cause driveway damage over time. As trees grow, their roots can also destroy asphalt by pushing upward. Driveway repair professionals suggest homeowners replace their asphalt every 15 years.

In between the replacement time, residents can patch or resurface their driveways. Patching refers to filling cracks and holes with concrete sealant or more asphalt to minimize further damage. When water enters the small cracks and holes, potholes may develop.

Resurfacing a driveway repairs deep cracks and severe damage. Professionals remove damaged regions during the resurfacing process and fill them with new asphalt. Both repair methods are more cost-effective than replacing an entire driveway.

4. Upgrade Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Freezing temperatures may also damage underground sprinkler lines and cause water loss. Sprinkler leaks can increase residents’ utility costs and increase flooding risks. The annual damage repair costs of flooding in developed countries like the U.S. are nearly $17 billion.

Individuals can minimize their flood risks by repairing irrigation and sprinkler damage this summer. As the ground thaws, it is easier for repair professionals to access underground water lines. Residents may also improve their homes’ stability this spring by inspecting garage door damage.

5. Replace Broken Garage Door Parts

Individuals may also repair broken garage door parts in the spring before heatwaves affect an air conditioner’s energy use. If your door is stuck open or cracked, it can decrease internal temperature control efficiencies. Cooling accounts for nearly 16% of residential energy use.

Residents can reduce their monthly utility costs by repairing their garage doors. Some causes of door deficiencies relate to the track, torsion springs and remote opener. Before calling a repair professional, residents may check a remote opener’s batteries ad the photo eye to ensure their functionality.

If any of the components listed above experience damage, the entire door may stop working. After conducting a personal evaluation, residents may contact a repair professional and replace broken components. When you repair your garage door, you may protect your home from energy loss, pests, moisture and other damaging elements this spring.

6. Install New Screen Doors

Another way to lower utility costs in the spring is by installing new screen doors. Fall and winter storms can blow tree branches onto homes, tearing screens. Installing new screen doors may help residents rely on natural airflow instead of air conditioners. 7 Home Repairs to Know About This Spring

Placing screens on your front and back doors can create optimal ventilation. Natural ventilation may reduce a property’s energy consumption by 30% at most. The home feature also filters out indoor pollutants and improves residents’ lung health.


7. Repair Broken or Missing Shingles

Nor’easters and hurricanes can blow shingles off rooftops. Leaving areas of a roof exposed can cause mold development, leaks, rotting and other forms of damage. When wood rots, it increases the risk of one’s roof falling in. 7 Home Repairs to Know About This Spring

Individuals can minimize further damage by repairing broken and missing shingles. Installation professionals suggest that residents replace their roofs every 25 to 30 years on average. If you have a newer roof, you can replace damaged shingles with new components to preserve your home.

The Benefits of Home Repairs IN THIS SPRING

Residents conduct frequent home repairs, especially following winter storms, to raise their properties’ values. They can also protect their health and well-being by minimizing mold exposure with certain flooding prevention methods. Repairs may additionally help residents save money over time by decreasing major property damage. 7 Home Repairs to Know About This Spring

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