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Spring Cleaning Means New Beginnings

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For years I detested spring cleaning. This year we have partnered with Coupons.com to share about how we made our spring cleaning a little more fun. I mean, what is fun about cleaning the house and doing all of those extra things? Not a lot, right? However it is something that needs to be done and we always pay close attention to those areas that we tend to miss during our regular cleaning.

For instance, under the bed comes to mind. Last month we got a new mattress, and when we moved our bed, we found that our two dogs had created tunnels underneath with paper towels that they had been removing from the garbage! We filled two garbage bags with things from under the bed when we cleaned, and realized that we need to be checking under the bed regularly.

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to try to make spring cleaning even more fun and productive by involving a little cardio. We stay on task, get it done quickly and marvel at how our house sparkles after this cleaning.

Preparation is important when it comes to spring cleaning, and part of that prep work is buying all of the things you’ll need to roll-up your sleeves and tackle the job – even those under the bed messes! Buying all of these items can add up, but I found great deals on cleaning supplies, organizational products and more at Coupons.com. All of the items included here are on sale right now – scroll to the bottom to see the savings.

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Here are a few tips to make spring cleaning much easier and less stressful:

1. Buy your supplies ahead of time. With Coupons.com, you have access to thousands of great deals and discounts on the brands you love and want.

2. Create a tackle it list. We divide our house into quadrants and then figure out what to do in each room from there. I create a detailed list.Spring Cleaning Coupons 4

3. Set timers: This is where the fun, cardio part comes in. My husband and I race each other to see who can get their area completed first, and the kids love getting involved as well. We get a little exercise and a sparkling clean house in the process. While my husband usually gets the most cleaning in, he doesn’t gloat… much!

4. Buy the right products: Buying the right products means that you can complete the job. For instance, we start with our Swiffer Starter Kit to get the floors, and then use the Swiffer Duster to get the walls and ceilings.


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5. Freshen it up: These days, we are loving Glade Wax Melts. They are reasonably priced and they keep our home smelling amazing. My favorite scent is Hawaiian Breeze. The scent is relaxing and it takes me back to when I lived in Hawaii.

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6. Don’t forget the walls: The Clean Magic Eraser cleans like nothing I have ever seen. We always have a pack in the house and a simple swipe on your walls with the Magic Eraser will instantly make your home brighter.

7. Get rid of the clutter: Grab your Glad ForceFlex Trash Bags and fill as many as you can. We fill bags with garbage (mostly school papers) and with clothes (that no longer fit) to donate.

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8. Attack your carpet: If your house is anything like ours, then you probably have a few spots on your carpet. Grab the SPOT SHOT Instant Carpet Stain Remover and clean away the stains.

9. Pack it all up: The Container Store offers color-coded storage bins (amazing)! Pick a specific color and keep all of your spring cleaning necessities in one place, for use next year. It’s also a great place to find other storage items to organize your home.

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Looking to make your house shine on a dime this spring cleaning season? Head over to Coupons.com, my favorite site for scooping up offers and a great way to be a savvy shopper!



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73 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. I love them magic erasers. I used to buy a ton of those when my kids still love to doodle on the wall! Glad those habits has subsided now lol. Great tips!

  2. I’m big on spring cleaning. It feels so good to get all the funk out of the house, whether it’s a little or a lot. Thanks!

  3. michele d

    Those are some great coupons for saving. Spring cleaning can be such a pain but using those products can really make a difference. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My house needs a GOOD cleaning. I need to get on that….

  5. I just love everything about Spring cleaning, especially with new products! Those look so much fun to me!

  6. I love love love all of these products. Esepcially that magic eraser. It’s saved plenty walls in my house over the years! Great stuff!

    To make spring cleaning more fun I usually crank up the music and dance around when I clean!

  7. I’ll definitely be looking for coupons to help restock my cleaning supplies. It really stinks when I plan to clean something only to realize I’m out of the required cleaning supplies!

  8. Pam

    I always listen to my favorite music during spring cleaning. And maybe something motivational, like “Eye of the Tiger.”

  9. I have to have really awesome tunes while I clean. nothing like belting out some angry chick music!

  10. Catherine S

    Thanks for the coupons. I need some more refills for my Swiffer Duster. I like to turn on the radio and have a cold beverage while I clean.

  11. I’ll be getting my Spring cleaning on soon too! It definitely makes the home feel fresh

  12. You certainly shared some of our must have cleaning products in this post! We try and have everyone chip in so we can get the job done.

  13. The magic erasers work so well, I really like picking them up for spring cleaning!

  14. I need to stock up on supplies to get ready for spring cleaning. I cant use a lot of the cleaners on the market as they make me sick. So I do like these magic erasers. So helpful.

  15. I actually find spring cleaning very therapeutic. I love getting rid of all the clutter and starting the season off fresh and clean!

  16. I actually always look forward to spring cleaning. It is a wonderful way to start anew. 🙂

  17. I like the quadrant idea. It can seem overwhelming if you don’t tackle parts at a time.

  18. I can’t live with out my Swiffer and my Magic Eraser. I use them practically every day.

  19. Elizabeth O.

    I create a game out of spring cleaning! The kids love this activity of ours…

  20. Swifter is my savior around here, from the wet jet to the regular dusting pads. The story about your dogs reminds me of the discovery I had with mine a few weeks ago. Let’s just say I no longer have a drawer of missing socks lol.

  21. Gosh. Love all those products. Very handy to do some spring cleaning.

  22. I love your cleaning loot ( Swiffer Kit )! I need to have something like that – it should inspire me to do my own spring cleaning for the coming holidays in April. I have tons of stuff that I need to ditch and let go.

  23. Lauren

    I absolutely love spring cleaning (and cleaning in general). I love using swifter for dusting…it works the best out of all of the products I’ve tried!

  24. Swiffer has always been such a great product for us. It just works, and that is a blessing.

  25. I keep seeing those Glade warming cubes at our store. I really want to try them! Maybe next shopping trip…

  26. Swiffer and Magic Erasers are must-have’s in my house for cleaning anytime of the year. I try to make it fun for the kids, but we get through it as quick as possible so we can get to the fun stuff – like crafting!

  27. I actually love spring cleaning! It gets me in a great mood and I feel so accomplished afterwards. I try to tackle things in steps.

  28. I find that having great music playing can always help cleaning. Makes it go faster.

  29. Krystal

    Mr Clean Erasers SAVE my life! I swear. My toddler colors on everything and it’s the only thing that works.

  30. The Magic Eraser is just that – magical! I use it often, especially in the kitchen and bathroom!

  31. Spring cleaning is big thing here in our house. I try to tackle one room at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed

  32. Believe it or not I totally love to spring clean, I’ve got a system all down pat.

  33. I’m not really sure spring cleaning is FUN, ever but having the right products makes it easier. Love those erasers and they do work. One thing that I do enjoy is good smells and so I do enjoy having them going in the warmer when cleaning.

  34. I am obsessed with anything Swiffer, lol! By the way, your dog is adorable!!!

  35. I put on music and dance it out! Hubby and I like to clean together.

  36. Debbie Denny

    I love all these products. Can’t survive without Mr Clean.

  37. I kind of feel like my mom turned every day into spring cleaning day. Even now she calls me with tips. My favorite is using a norwex mop to clean the walls. It doesn’t leave streaky marks on the paint like washing with a cloth was.

  38. I’ve always loved how convenient Swiffer makes cleaning. I have a wet jet and the duster and absolutely love them!

  39. I like the idea of setting a timer. I need to start making my spring cleaning list.

  40. Great ideas to make tackling spring cleaning a little easier. Guess it’s about time to face it again!

  41. I really need to get into spring cleaning around here! The only tip I can share is to finish what you start, no matter how big the task seems. Don’t leave that cleaning up for tomorrow!

  42. Ann Bacciaglia

    When i have to do some house cleaning i like to put on music. I listen to it loud and just start cleaning.

  43. LOL cardio and cleaning that sounds great. I do that with the kids in a way to make it a race. I so love my Magic Erasers too I always have some on hand.

  44. Good to know you buy them in bulk off Ebay, I’m running low.

  45. We make spring cleaning fun by making things new, and blasting music as loud as we can. The singing and dancing together masks that we’re doing something boring.

  46. Rosey

    The only wax melts I’ve tried are Scentsy. I like Glad though for other things, so if I see those I’m going to give them at ry.

  47. I definitely need to do some serious SPRING Cleaning thanks for the reminder! I know I need to clean but I am super interested in those wax melts!

  48. I have been in sales too long. I abhor organizing and my best advice is to barter services with a professional organizer, they whip your closets into shape and you publicize them! How’s that for a ‘tip’? 🙂

  49. I love all of those products. I’m in need of Magic Erasers right now, With two kids running around there’s always something to wipe away.

  50. I LOVE those magic erasers! Always my best friend when I’m spring cleaning, and making a list on what to clean sounds like something I need to try.

  51. I hate cleaning – but Swiffer saves my sanity! I’ve never set a timer – but that’s a great idea!

  52. I totally agree with the magic eraser. I’ve been using it not just on walls but anywhere in the house.

  53. These are all great ideas! We use magic erasers a lot in our household.

  54. I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! These are all some really great products when it comes time to do Spring Cleaning.

  55. I like to play 70s or 80s music when I clean, it gets me in the groove. I LOVE Magic Erasers – I don’t know how my mom lived without them!

  56. Spring cleaning time is almost here. I love to open the windows – clean and fill the house with fresh air!

  57. I cannot wait to start my spring cleaning. I love to start it because i feel so accomplished once i finish.

  58. I need to find a way to get my preschooler involved. That would definitely keep him out from under my feet at least. I think he could definitely do some dusting!

  59. Chene Atkins- Whittington

    I just finished Spring cleaning my house. My house thought I was going crazy rwith all of the cleaning and tossing I was doing.

  60. Awesome tips! I detest spring cleaning myself, and could really use some ways to keep it fun! I’ll have to incorporate the cardio portion!

  61. I haven’t done Spring cleaning at home yet so thanks for the tips! I am getting my cleaning supplies this week.

  62. Spring cleaning is always a must – and its better when you have great products to make it convenient as well.

  63. I do not like to clean but I do love spring cleaning. I often use these products too. I am so ready for spring!

  64. CourtneyLynne

    Omg my daughter stole one of my hubby’s work pens the other day and decided to make he living room wall her new masterpiece -_- definitely need one of the magic erase things!!!!!

  65. I can’t believe that Spring is already here! I get into cleaning modes and my husband steps back and lets me go at it – lol! I love having a clean home!

  66. I’m basically obsessed with all of my Swiffer cleaning products … I use my wetjet and the duster almost daily!

  67. ellen beck

    I dont know if it makes it more fun, but it makes it easier.. I LOVE magic erasers and use them constantly. I think about the only way I do make it fun is by rewarding myselff with a nice break after a room is all done.

  68. I love those little Swiffer dusters! They are awesome!

  69. Julie Wood

    I think that cute dog should help clean up his mess! LOL! But I know what you mean about under the bed being dirty! I need to clean under mine this week and vacuum every square inch of my bedroom to get out all the dust. I make cleaning easier by doing something everyday, so as not to be overwhelmed by it all.

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