6 Best Ways to Cook and Serve Filet Mignon

6 Best Ways to Cook and Serve Filet Mignon

6 Best Ways to Cook and Serve Filet Mignon


6 Best Ways to Cook and Serve Filet Mignon

Fillet mignon is considered a delicacy by some and is often served in restaurants as a luxurious dish. But what if you could make it at home with ease? 

There are endless ways to cook mignon, but here are some of our favorites. Whether you're looking for a simple approach or want to try something a little more adventurous, we've got you covered. And don't forget the perfect finishing touch: a delicious sauce or topping. Here are the six best ways to cook and serve mignon. 


Grilled filet mignon is one of the most popular methods for cooking this cut. To begin, salt and pepper your mignon on both sides. Lay your meat on the cool side of the grill (never the hotter side). Cover your grill (if possible) and let the mignon cook for three minutes on one side. Then, flip and cook for three more minutes – this should give you a meat temperature of 135°F – perfect medium-rare.


he broiler is a great alternative to the grill and only requires your oven. Set it to the highest temperature and preheat for five minutes. Then, rub olive oil on both sides of your mignon (no need to season) and put it in a broiler pan. 

The pan should be placed around six inches away from the flame or heating element for four minutes on each side – be sure to leave it untouched for the first two minutes. Check the temperature of your steak with a meat thermometer, and you're done.


Who says you can't have tasty mignon indoors? Baking is simple, easy, and produces a crispy exterior and a soft, thick interior that will leave your mouth watering for more. 

To begin baking mignon in the oven, preheat your oven to 375°F and salt and pepper on both sides of the meat. Then, sear each side in a bit of oil over medium heat for two minutes. Place beef in the oven for five minutes and return to heat for three more minutes for a medium-rare fillet mignon

Pan Frying

Pan-frying mignon gives it that crispy fried exterior we all know and love. To begin, heat oil in a pan over medium high heat until it smokes slightly. Next, salt and pepper on both sides of the beef and place in the pan for three minutes. Then, flip your mignon over and cook for two more minutes – it should give you a perfect medium-rare.


If you've never tried poaching before, it might sound strange at first. But poaching is one of the best ways to cook mignon. First, fill a pot with water and salt it until it tastes like seawater. 

Heat your pot of water over medium high heat until boiling, then turn off the burner completely. Place beef in the water for three minutes – this will help give it that rare texture. Remove beef from water and sear the outside in a pan for a crispy exterior. 


Searing is a three-part process involving oil, heat, and mignon. To begin searing your mignon, place beef on a cutting board and rub salt and pepper on both sides. Then, get a pan good and hot over high heat until smoking. Add oil to the pan, immediately add your beef, and then sear for three minutes on each side to get a medium-rare touch.

There are countless ways to cook mignon, but these are the top 6 best. We have explained them in depth so that you will know exactly how to cook mignon at home. Happy cooking! 

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