Killian Love Don’t Be Shy : Issues of Perfume and Ethics?
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Killian Love Don’t Be Shy : Issues of Perfume and Ethics?

Killian Love Don’t Be Shy

A Shift in Scents: How Brands Are Embracing Ethical Practices in Perfume


As per the recently conducted research by the Environmental Protection Agency, 90% of the ingredients used to make perfumes originate from fossil fuels. The used chemicals threaten the environment, especially during extraction and transportation. To conserve and protect the environment, brands are moving away from these chemicals, including Dossier. They are making perfumes that are safe for the environment and the user. Floral Marshmallow is a perfume developed by Dossier, inspired by Kilian Love Don't Be Shy. The product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, meaning it is safe for the user and the surroundings.

Dossier is a company that launched to cater to the needs of consumers at a friendly cost. They prioritize both affordability and ethics, producing vegan and cruelty-free products. Committed to responsible practices in the perfume industry, Dossier abides by environmental regulations and ensures fair treatment of flower growers, compensating them appropriately for their hard work. This focus on ethics extends to their fragrances, with inspired-by scents like their Floral Marshmallow: link to Dossier's Floral Marshmallow perfume, which captures the essence of Kilian Love Don't Be Shy at a more accessible price point.

There are so many perfumes in the market today. Before you buy one, you need to know the brand's commitment to ethical and sustainability practices. Read the following post to find out how Dossier handles the issues of ethics and perfume.

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Killian Love Don’t Be Shy: Use of Natural Ingredients

All of the products from Dossier originate from locally grown and organic ingredients. They are aware of the harmful effects of the chemicals. Additionally, consumers are becoming aware of the ethics and sustainability of their perfumes. Dossier is committed to satisfying its clients, which is why they do as per the users' preferences. Unlike other brands, Dossier uses the available small resources from nature responsibly.

Conscious Design

Did you know the cosmetic sector churns over 100 billion packaging units? The globe is about to be filled with these packaging materials, so Dossier uses recycled and recyclable materials. By doing so, they aim to be one of the significant contributors to local employment in every production stage of the perfumes. They employ local artisans to create perfume bottles. Each of the bottles is hand-etched before being carefully placed into FSC-certified packaging.

Social Conscience

Today, consumers are not only interested in quality perfumes. They also want to know if the brands they trust are doing well in society. Dossier is a company that is not only interested in making huge sales but also focuses on the community's well-being. They are involved in charitable activities. Additionally, the company has workers' rights enshrined within the code of conduct. Regarding ethics, Dossier is very serious, which is why they also have their internal constitution.

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Transparent Supply Chain

Dossier keeps everything local, unlike other brands focusing more on outsourcing production. Transparency is a factor that is not neglected at Dossier, as they only get their materials from local suppliers and pay them a reasonable amount that is 50% more than the market value. In a sector where directors earn millions while employees in the fields barely scrape by, it is an unusual occurrence, and it is no way near Dossier Company. Dossier ensures that all staff get their deserved wages and are not overworked. Killian Love Don’t Be Shy

Final take away

Regarding ethics and perfumes, not all brands abide by the set rules of protecting the environment, workers, producers and users. Such companies are not transparent in all of their production processes. That is not the case with Dossier, as they are open, fair and considerate to all parties involved in the perfume creation.

If you get any Dossier products, they have outlined everything a consumer needs to know regarding the products they are about to buy or use. Dossier products are vegan. Another thing is that all its products are cruelty-free. Animals have their rights; therefore, Dossier doesn't use animal testing. All their products have a cruelty-free logo, meaning they respect animal rights. Lastly, Dossier doesn't embrace the use of nasty chemicals; therefore, they are good friends of mother nature. Killian Love Don’t Be Shy

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