5 Spring Activities Your Children Will Love
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5 Spring Activities Your Children Will Love

5 Spring Activities Your Children Will Love

Crafting Ideas for Kids This Spring: 5 Activities They'll Love


Winter's final frosts are behind us now, and we're heading into springtime. With spring comes a sense of renewal and fresh beginnings. Sure there are plenty of things on your to-do list – spring cleaning, planning summer vacations, and more, but in the middle of it all, it's essential to take breaks and enjoy the beautiful weather mother nature is ushering in. If you're like many mothers, you enjoy spending time outdoors in nature with your children – and while a simple nature walk is a great activity to do with your little ones – you also know you need to get creative to keep them entertained. With that in mind, let us look at some fun spring activities your children will love – and you will enjoy too! 5 Spring Activities Your Children Will Love


Creating Memories Through Spring Craft children will love

Spring Sensory Bins

April showers bring May flowers, so there will be plenty of days that you and your kiddos are stuck inside, unable to enjoy the outdoors even though the weather is warm. It's good to stock up on some items to create fun sensory bins your children can explore together. Sensory bins play an essential role in childhood development and promote creativity. You can grab a couple of plastic totes, fill them with sand or potting soil, and choose any number of themes. Perfect spring sensory bin themes are fairy gardens, gnomes, tea parties – your options are limitless, so have fun with them!

Garden Parties

Do you have a little princess who preferred frills and lace from the time she was in baby clothes? Try hosting garden parties with her if you find yourself with a dainty darling who loves tea parties. Let her have creative control over the theme and decorations. You can hold the party with her friends from school or extracurriculars or keep it a family affair and invite her favorite dolls, teddy bears, and other siblings. It's up to her if grown-ups are allowed.

Make A Birdhouse

Exploring the Dollar Tree lately? Despite some price changes, their craft aisles are filled with materials for kids' crafting. Crafting a birdhouse is ideal for spring—kids get creative while learning about local birds, life cycles, food, and migration. Sparking early interest in science is invaluable! intro to ecology.

Grow A Garden

With the price of everything going up these days, growing your garden is an excellent idea for everyone. You can implement an urban garden or build raised beds in your backyard no matter where you live. Start a garden on whatever scale is possible for you and your family. Suppose you're limited on space or live in a more urban environment. In that case, community gardens are fantastic resources and a great way to meet more neighbors and be involved in your community. While gardening is hard work, there are creative ways to get your kids involved in gardening – and it's work that pays off. Gardening is a skill they can use for a lifetime and teaches them about nature and self-sufficiency.

Scavenger Hunts

Your kids love hunting for Easter eggs, but how often do you send them on a scavenger hunt? You may have some core memories of scavenger hunts you participated in as a child and how thrilling it was to find what you were looking for. These days, not as many parents put effort into setting up elaborate scavenger hunts for their children – but it's a tradition worth bringing back. You can do any theme you know your kids will enjoy, but the thrill of watching their excitement as they complete each step is a reward in itself for you. 5 Spring Activities Your Children Will Love

Life can seem hectic, and the days and weeks fly by – no one knows this better than parents. While the earlier activities take some planning on your end, they are memories that you and your children will treasure for the rest of your lives. Let the spring games begin!

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