5 Sustainable Travel Destinations worth Visiting
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5 Sustainable Travel Destinations worth Visiting

5 Sustainable Travel Destinations worth Visiting

Exploring Eco-Friendly Wonders: Sustainable Travel Destinations Worth Your Visit

It can seem exciting to take a jet boat ride through the Amazon River or ride an elephant through the forests of Thailand. As travelers looking for an exciting experience is important but we also can cause a lot of environmental damage through traveling. Gas burned by planes, cars, boats motorbikes, and trains used contribute to pollution in the places we visit. Using too much water in countries that have water shortages can have a very serious trickle-down effect. When planning travel it’s important to take into consideration the impact our actions have on the environment that is playing host.

Here are 5 ideas for destinations that have taken care to make travel in the country eco-friendly.

5 Sustainable Travel Destinations worth Visiting 5


Nepal stands out as a remarkable hidden gem on the world map. Despite challenges such as limited electricity and intermittent internet access, it emerges as an exhilarating destination for eco-travel enthusiasts. The country's tourist attractions predominantly revolve around its breathtaking natural beauty. Activities like hiking, trekking, and camping are among the primary draws for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences in Nepal.

5 Sustainable Travel Destinations worth Visiting 4MOROCCO

Morocco has long been a popular tourist destination, but rapid growth in the sector has brought about challenges like building booms, water shortages, desertification, and economic stagnation in rural areas. However, eco-friendly resorts and tour companies are making positive impacts by giving back to local communities. With a bit of research, it's easy to find eco-conscious outfitters that contribute to sustainable tourism in Morocco.

5 Sustainable Travel Destinations worth Visiting 3LAOS

Laos, nestled between Cambodia and China, is a lesser-known country that suffered greatly during the Vietnam War. Today, tourism plays a vital role in its economic recovery, generating jobs and supporting returning refugees. Laos offers incredible attractions like kayaking and renowned “tubing” parties that draw tourists from around the world.

5 Sustainable Travel Destinations worth Visiting 2BOTSWANA

For those who want to take a safari there is no better place than Botswana. You’ll be hard pressed to find budget options because the tourism authorities take care to make tours as sustainable as possible. Unlike the high traffic safari volume of Kenya, Botswana’s style is lower key. Small groups of people venture into the Kalahari Desert or the Chobe Forests to animals in their natural habitats. Resources are spent to keep poaching at bay and limit the environmental impact visitors have on the wildlife populations. 5 Sustainable Travel Destinations 

5 Sustainable Travel Destinations worth Visiting 1BELIZE

Belize has become a shining star in Central America. With one of the longest barrier reefs on the planet, second only to the Great Barrier Reef, it’s no surprise people come here to dive in the crystal clear waters. The country has almost 90 different groups of ecosystems and all kinds of eco-friendly activities. Although there has been a boom in cruise ship traffic, authorities have taken care to protect the reef system from damage caused by mega liners.

These are just a few of the many environmentally friendly places you can visit. Nearly everywhere on the globe has eco-friendly accommodations and attractions. Keep in mind general best practices like conserving water, reusing towels if possible, and avoiding activities that are inherently destructive. Don't be afraid to go off the beaten path and explore some relatively unknown spots! 5 Sustainable Travel Destinations 

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  1. Nicole Dziedzic

    These are all beautiful places to one take take a trip too, my favorite place mentioned above would have to be Morocco for sure. Would love to go her with my husband one day and tour just about every part.

  2. Ron

    Great list of travel destination. Botswana is one place I wanted to really visit soon. Belize too, because of their rich waters.

  3. Leigh Anne Borders

    I would love to travel the world one day! I have only traveled the southeastern United States and really only those close to Georgia. Those places look absolutely stunning and amazing!

  4. Elisabeth

    Morocco and Belize are definitely on my list!

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I would absolutely LOVE to visit any one – or all – of those places. They all sound so beautiful and amazing.

  6. Catherine S

    These all sound like great places to visit. I need to start traveling more.

  7. Kristi

    We are looking for someplace unique to go to for celebrating our 15 year anniversary… and your list has some great options.

  8. Oh yes!! You don’t have to ask me twice. I would love to go to any one of these destinations.

  9. I’m just about to get my passport renewed for the first time in years. I’d love to visit these places!

  10. This is a wonderful post! Who ever thinks about the environment when going on vacation? Thanks for this information, because I want to help the planet always!

  11. I visited Belize on a cruise years and years ago – the downtown was SCARY! I feel like I needed to have a tour guide to go back. I think some of these destinations would be so beautiful.

  12. Yes please, all of them. I have such a terrible case of wanderlust that I can easily find fun, beauty and excitement in any destination.

  13. All of these places look like gorgeous places to go visit. I love these pictures. Thanks for giving us these ideas to consider.

  14. Linda Manns Linneman

    All of these places sound exciting to visit. I have wanted to go to Belize for a long time but have not made it yet. Thank you for sharing

  15. Amanda Whitley

    Nepal and belize are on my list of places!

  16. Kristin K

    All 5 destinations seem like great trips to take! The only one that really peeks my interest, is the trip to Botswana, to see the animals! Although, I am not fond of hot climates…that would be my only drawback to going!

  17. M.Clark

    These are all wonderful places to visit. I’d love to visit Belize or Morocco. Thank you for sharing this post.

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