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Scenic Train Routes in China

Scenic Train Routes in ChinaScenic Train Routes in China

Train journeys can be some of the best ways to see a country. Of course a train is limited to the route taken by the railway lines, but as a passenger there are fewer distractions, and the windows of the train can offer a panoramic view. If you are here to learn about bullet train routes in China, the china bullet train, china train travel, or even the china fastest train, then you are in the right place. The china train, a railroad map of china and this train travel china guide will tell you everything you need to know.  We hope that you enjoy this Scenic Train Routes in China post.

Some of the world’s most famous train journeys are the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Canada Expresses, journeys which traverse hundreds of miles. A train journey can be the best way to travel across large expanses of land, especially if the country is to be observed. This theory is applicable to China especially, where a train is also often the easiest method of travelling between cities. You can even see tours from shanghai to great wall of china.

Scenic Train Routes in ChinaChina has yet to fully embrace the idea of train journeys simply for the pleasure of tourists, although a number of companies have started to think about the opportunities offered by the emerging tourism market. At the moment though, headlines about China’s railways are more likely to be dealing with the introduction of a high-speed railway network rather than the scenic railway journeys.

Some companies though have started to offer services aimed at the tourism market. The most famous of these is the Shangri-La Express company that runs private trains that traverse between Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Lhasa, Ulaan Baatar, Moscow and St Petersburg. It is a similar operation to the Orient Express in Europe, and the distance involved allows for some of the most picturesque areas of China to be taken in. There are though other independent firms offering trips between the major Chinese cities. Check out the beijing to shanghai train.

Scenic Train Routes in ChinaOne of China’s most famous railway lines though is the Qinghai-Tibet line, a line which is the world’s highest railway line as well. A trip on this line of course takes in the beauty of the mountain ranges, and also the picturesque nature of the valleys, as the trains travel along the valley floors and also across high bridges.

A trip on the Qinghai-Tibet railway line is undertaken as a normal railway trip, simply buying tickets from the kiosks. Indeed most of the scenic areas of China can be observed upon the daily trains that criss-cross the country. Overall the railway network is modern and fairly comfortable, with most trains fitted with air conditioning.

One thing to look out for though when using the Chinese railway network is the classification of trains. There are generally four different classes of trains that operate on the Chinese network. The top class is known as Soft Sleeper or Luxury Train class. These trains operate with four berth sleeping compartments. Next comes that Hard Sleeper, comprising of bays of six sleeping berths, in columns of three.

Trains being ridden mainly during the day will have no sleeping compartments but will be known as Soft Seat, with more comfortable seating, and Hard Seat, less comfortable seating. See the best website to book china train tickets and make certain to grab the china train map which will give you the beijing bullet train routes and the shanghai bullet train route.

Riding the train is a great way to see large parts of China and you get to do it in comfort. As , and as the trains travel out of the cities, the beauty of the Chinese countryside can be observed. We hope that you are inspired by this Scenic Train Routes in China post. Happy travels!

Scenic Train Routes in China

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