Activision Family Game Summit

Activision Family Game Summit

Activision Collage

Do you have any gamers in your household? We LOVE to play video games as a family in our house and in fact, we get quite competitive.

I recently came across the information for the Activision Family Game Summit online and I thought that was something I would really like to see. Although I cannot be there in New York City this week, I can definitely join in online and that is what I am planning to do.

Here are the specific details:



Activision is very excited about this game summit and so am I! To pique your interest a little  more, one lucky reader of The Divine Miss Mommy will win a goody bag of approximately a $400 value.

Please note that the version of the game received may not be the one pictured.  Each goodie bag will include 7 games and an assortment of toys.

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What are your favorite family games to play together?

What games you would like to purchase for your family?

This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Sorry I won’t be able to attend. Good luck to those who do!

  2. Dawnyel Bowersox

    I am excited to submit a blog post about this twitter party! Cant wait to join!

  3. Great giveaway! I’ll be sharing this with my friends who have kids!

  4. I will be attending – can’t wait. We hosted a Skylanders SWAP force party this weekend. Great game!

  5. My boys LOVE skylanders! Can’t wait for this game summit!

  6. Daisy

    I would love to attend this!!! Activision makes so many cool games.

  7. I wish I lived closer to NYC…I would for sure be attending this.

  8. We love board games & video games. We play all the different versions of monopoly often together. We even have one called Farmopoly. My girls love Moshi Monsters & my son loves Transformers. My 10 year old is asking for a Wii for Christmas.

  9. Activision Family Game Summit sounds very cool. I am registered, ready for the summit Thursday. My son and girls love the Kinnect.

  10. We love video games. This sounds so cool.

  11. I plan to purchase Grand Theft Auto 5 and COD Ghosts for my husband. My kids would love the new Swap Force Skylanders game, since they have the other 2 versions.

  12. Thanks for sharing this– I’ll be sending the post on to my parent friends!

  13. Looks like so much fun! LOVE Duck Dynasty, I really wish I could attend!!

  14. sounds like so much fun I would love to go!

  15. We play ALL games together. Each week on Friday we pick a certain game and play it as a family.

  16. Ave

    I’m sure my niece would love some of these games! Thanks for sharing a great giveaway!

  17. Shauna

    What a great prize, I want it all, LOL

  18. Ok my boys would love me forever if I won! I said I would attend and I provided my email information so please contact me. Any chance I can get to win this for my boys would be wonderful, seriously I would be the coolest mom in their eyes!

  19. Pam

    Can’t wait to attend this summit! Thanks for sharing with us.

  20. I didn’t even know about this! Thanks for sharing, I registered to attend. We’re big gamers in our house!

  21. My favorite family games are Monopoly, and Candy Land 🙂

  22. Sooo excited.. can’t wait to attend, my kids are BIG into video games.. like most of the kids nowadays….

  23. I loved the Family Game Summit last year, and I can’t wait for this years! It’s the perfect time of the year to hear about all the latest games.

  24. My husband and I have always loved playing video games. Our three year old got his first Wii game for his birthday in September and it looks like he will be a gamer too!

  25. Hubs has always been a video game player – i know he can’t WAIT until Red gets into it. We are busy teaching iPad etiquette, which is a first step to playing video games.

  26. My hubby and I aren’t big into playing video games (well he goes in spurts…but this last go round was over a year ago). I will definitely share with my friends though!

  27. I don’t have any gamers in the house yet, but I have a feeling it’s coming! A friend of mine just opened a gaming store and I know my boy will get more interested once he visits there!

  28. Hubby is the video game player in our house, although I am sure my son will follow soon. He’s better at using my ipad than I am!

  29. That looks like an incredible game pack! Someone is going to be a lucky winner for sure.

  30. I am going to try and attend! We love all of the Activision games, especially Skylanders!

  31. I’ll be there and I’m super excited! Thank you for sharing the great giveaway!

  32. I am registered for the summit. Looking forward to it!

  33. the ninja turtle game looks awesome

    can’t wait for the summit !

  34. So fun! I can’t wait.. I had such a fantastic time last year participating online! Whoo hoo!

  35. great games, we have the Wii, my boys would love the Wii game!

  36. My family loves games, no matter what kind. Video, board games, card games, they are all fun. Great giveaway.

  37. This is the perfect gift pack for a family, something for everyone! The summit is going to be super fun, I think.

  38. My son is a gaming fanatic! He would love to win this prize.

  39. This would be such an awesome prize to win! Thanks for the chance!

  40. What a great giveaway bundle!! I sure wish I could go to that summit!

  41. Danielle

    Hubby is the only gamer in our house – and for him, it’s COD all the way 😉 I’m sure our little ones will catch on soon enough to the joys of gaming!

  42. Amy W.

    We like Angry Birds.

  43. Amy W.

    I’d like to buy my kids Skylanders.

  44. We are totally old fashioned and just play board games!

  45. We all like different types of video games so I look at them all.

  46. I have RSVP’d and I am excited for the Summit!

  47. I’m planning on attending online as well!

  48. I’m a huge fan of all the dance games! I’m pretty much a dancing fool! 🙂 My kids would love the Angry Birds Star Wars game. I need to get better about trying new games with my family. We’ve been in a rut lately!

  49. My kids would love these games! Looks like a great giveaway!

  50. mel

    My nephews love skylander! Thanks for the great giveaway!!! The games look awesome!

  51. Peekaboo is our favorite game right now. She is really little, but I cannot wait for her to be able to interact more.

  52. I love games and I’ve always wanted to attend a gaming event but sadly I don’t see many WII games.

  53. My husband and children are big gamers. I am going to have to check this out for my family. Thanks for sharing something I can use!

  54. I am excited for this event! I am one of the online hostesses too!

  55. kids love Activision Skylanders they have so much fun playing

  56. Jenna Parsons

    We LOVE to play the Skylanders games together! We collect all of the figures and make it so much fun!

  57. Jenna Parsons

    I will definitely be purchasing Skylanders Swap Force this holiday season!

  58. Andrea Williams

    We do a lot of board games like Monopoly and chess, also Jenga is a favorite. The whole family was really into Minecraft for a while and my teens love games like Call of Duty and Halo.

  59. Holly Storm-Burge

    We love to play the Mario Galaxy games together on the Wii.

  60. Holly Storm-Burge

    My son loves Skylanders, so we’ll get the new one when it comes out, and anything Disney Princess for my daughter 😉

  61. Heather

    For board games we play Monopoly and Sorry! Video games we are currently playing Lego Star Wars III and Skylanders Giants!

  62. Heather

    I would like to get my family the Disney Inifinity game and Skylanders Swap Force!

  63. What a great giveaway! And this looks like a fun event!

  64. Amanda Sakovitz

    I love monopoly!

  65. Amanda Sakovitz

    id love to purchase the transformers game for wii

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