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11 Surprising Recipes You Can Cook on the Grill This Summer

11 Surprising Recipes You Can Cook on the Grill This Summer

Want to switch up your typical grill menu? Break out of your basic barbecue routine and try something brand-new on the grill this summer. Unlike your oven or stovetop, the grill imparts a deliciously complex flavor — especially if you prefer cooking with wood pellets or charcoal — and offers a high-heat option that leaves you with perfectly crisp, charred texture. What could be better?

Despite its many appeals, many people don’t realize just how versatile the grill truly is. Here are some fun new recipes to try if you want to give those grill tools some extra action this summer!

  1. Very Veggie: Summer Veggies — We often see summer squash and peppers skewered and grilled, but there are so many unique vegetables you can toss on the fire to keep your guests on their toes. Skip the oven and throw your typically-roasted veggies on the grill this summer with recipes like Martha Stewart’s asparagus with lemon breadcrumbs. We’re also huge fans of grilled artichokes, jicama and radishes dressed in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.
  2. Buon Appetito: Grilled Bruschetta — Featuring luscious summer tomatoes, vibrant garlic and crusty baguette, there’s simply no better appetizer than a tasty bruschetta. But traditional bruschetta is so spring. In the summer, give yours a warm-weather upgrade with fava bean, mint and pecorino Romano bruschetta cooked on the grill. The dry heat of the grill coupled with the hot grates will give you a satisfying crunch plus photo-worthy grill marks to impress your friends. Use a microplane or cheese slicer and add show-stopping pecorino slivers or ribbons on top.

  1. Smoky Sweet: Summer Fruit — Give your basic fruit salad a break for the summer and surprise your guests with this grilled summer fruit recipe. Featuring juicy peaches, plums, bananas and a bit of butter and brown sugar, this dreamy grilled fruit is the perfect mix of smoky and sweet. Strawberries, kiwi, apple and watermelon all do well on the grill, too. Experiment with different flavor combinations to find what you love. Drizzle with chamoy if you like a spicy kick!
  2. Marg Must-Have: Smoked Salt — If you’ve got a smoker, know that you can use it to make so much more than pull-apart brisket or ribs (don’t get us wrong, you should make those, too). For example, you can make your own smoked salt to give dishes a deeply smoky and salty flavor for added dimension. This stuff is also essential for dressing the rims of margaritas, especially spicy ones!
  3. Avo-Can-Do: Stuffed Avocados — Give your menu a summery Southwest feel with the help of this delicious grilled stuffed avocado recipe. This yummy and hearty dish is packed with veggies but is a bit more exciting than your standard side salad, making it perfect for taco night. It features fresh avocados stuffed with a black bean corn salsa flavored with cilantro and lime.
  4. Alfresco Breakfast: French Toast — Who says the grill is only for lunch and dinner? You can create a one-of-a-kind backyard brunch buffet by grilling up some tasty breakfast foods. Make grilled French toast using the same recipe you use inside, but make sure to take extra care to let the excess egg mixture drip off before cooking so it doesn’t drip to the bottom of your grill and make a mess. Serve with grilled breakfast sausage or bacon!
  5. Vegan Joy: Cauliflower Steak — Looking for a way to delight your vegan or vegetarian friends at cookouts this year? Consider the cauliflower steak! This hearty, flavorful alternative is simple and filling. All you have to do is thick-slice a head of cauliflower and dress it in olive oil, salt, pepper and your favorite spices. Throw it on the grill until it’s tender and charred on both sides.
  6. Game Time: Bison, Elk or Venison — If you’d like to take things in the opposite direction or branch out of your typical beef and chicken recipes, consider throwing some game meats on the grill. You’ll often find game meat options at local butchers, ranches and farms. Start with a simple grilled venison steak recipe or some bison sausage to get a taste for what you like.

  1. Spectacular Seafood: Octopus — Grilled octopus is a staple in Greece, Turkey and many other parts of the world, so it may not be considered “surprising” to you, depending on your background. But since it’s relatively uncommon in some places, this may be a fun one for surprising your friends and getting them out of their culinary comfort zones. Oh, and it’s really delicious, too! Try Mark Bittman’s grilled octopus recipe to start.
  2. Umami, Please: Grilled Dumplings — You eat them steamed and pan-fried, but did you know you can enjoy them grilled, too? Dumplings, especially gyoza-style pork dumplings, hold up well on the grill. Cooking them this way creates a crispy exterior and soft interior similar to pan frying but requires much less fat. Thaw out your favorite frozen dumplings or go big and make your own. Luckily, you can use premade gyoza or wonton wrappers to keep it simple.
  3. Pie oh My: Grilled Pizza — Patio pizza party, anyone? For grill pros who love to host, pizza is a great choice because you can invite guests to customize theirs with their preferred toppings, so everyone is happy. We’re huge fans of this grilled pizza recipe for the summer. Featuring pizza dough, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, spinach and avocados, this pie is a perfect mix of all the best summer flavors. Bonus: It looks so pretty on your chic tableware!

Our best advice for anyone looking to branch out of the typical barbecue confines this year? Experiment! Anything you easily skewer or place on grates would do well on the grill. As long as it won’t fall apart and could benefit from a smokier flavor profile, you’re good to toss it on the grill when the weather is warm. Go wild and try something new!

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