8 Tips to Help Optimize Packing for a Vacation in 2021
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8 Tips to Help Optimize Packing for a Vacation in 2021

8 Tips to Help Optimize Packing for a Vacation in 20218 Tips to Help Optimize Packing for a Vacation in 2021

2020 was a long year for everyone. Life threw us a curveball nobody saw coming, which destroyed travel plans and grounded the world for what we feared would be indefinite.Fortunately, 2021 has offered renewed hope as the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed and helping everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone is hopeful that this will help us get back to some semblance of normal, meaning getting some time to go on vacation safely.

A lot has changed, and different states have different rules. So, even if you are staying fairly close to home, you still need to be aware of the safety regulations you will encounter throughout your travel. Thus, you need to pack and accordingly. So, here are eight tips to help optimize packing for a vacation in 2021:

Use Luggage Sets

If you need more than one bag or are going on vacation with your family, using luggage sets is an excellent way to keep everyone organized. It's very important to find the right bag for your lifestyle. Whether you are flying, driving, taking a train, or a Greyhound, things can get crazy and hectic when you are traveling. Having matching luggage is an easy way to ensure you are grabbing the right bag when leaving the airport, station, or hotel.

Roll Your Clothing

Instead of folding your clothes and trying to fit them in your suitcases, try folding clothes. Besides giving you more room in your case, you can help keep yourself organized by matching outfits together (especially for kids’ clothing). If you have heavy clothes or clothing that wrinkles easily, you still want to fold it or place it in a garment bag. Yet, for all your everyday clothing, rolling it up will give you a lot more room.

Use Your Shoes as Storage

You can use shoes for storage instead of just having holes of space taken up where your feet go. When it comes to packing for vacation, every little bit counts, so don’t waste an inch if you can help it. You can use the inside of your shoes to store socks or other small items. Or, if you are traveling with little kids, you might even be able to put your kid’s shoe inside your shoe. 

Keep Your Clothes Fresh

This tip is simple but can certainly help keep your clothes fresh while you’re on the road: Put a dryer sheet in your bag to keep your clothes from smelling musty. 

Make the Most Out of Your Sunglasses Case

Sunglasses cases always seem to stick with you no matter where you go, and chances are, you have many of them lying around, devoid of sunglasses. So, instead of keeping them around to cause more clutter, put them with your luggage set and use them to store small items. Sunglass cases are great for storing small items because they are protective and small, without being too small to get lost easily. 

Wear Your Bulky Items

Instead of trying to get your winter coat or thick knitted sweater into your bag, wear it while you travel.  If you are traveling while it’s cold or have something particularly bulky any time you go on vacation, your best bet is to take it with you during your travels. While it might be a little uncomfortable, a little discomfort can be worth the space it saves.

Get Creative with Your Bags

Of course, you should always have a luggage tag with your name on it. However, if your bag is in a turnstile, you aren’t going to read the name on the label. So, you should put something unique to you and your family.  Use something eye-catching, like a brightly colored ribbon or at least a uniquely colored tag.

Don’t Overpack

When you go on vacation, it can be difficult to get past packing too much for those, just in case scenario. However, it is especially important while on vacation that you don’t overpack Only take what you need, because you will likely need the room to fit some souvenirs and you don’t want to stress after having such a nice vacation. So, plan ahead and leave some room for whatever treasures you discover on your adventure.

Bring swimsuits that you can also use as a casual top while strolling around like these gorgeous tankinis from Swimspot. Packing multifunctional clothing items means less clothes to pack and more room for souvenirs and travel memorabilia. Even though a lot has changed in the last year doesn’t mean that we can’t be safe and secure when we travel again. Using these eight tips to help optimize packing for a vacation in 2021 is sure to put you on the right track to having an awesome trip. 

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