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10 Candies That You Forgot Existed, and Where to Buy Them


10 Candies That You Forgot Existed, and Where to Buy Them

Candy is something that unites us. A common love that all people share. We connect through our love for candy. There are songs written about it, poems declaring how good it is. Candy is something we can’t live without. That’s why buying your loved ones a candy time capsule is such a unique and thoughtful birthday gift.

1. PopRocks

One of my favorite candies as a child was pop rocks. The Sounds and tingles that the candy induced was what made it so amazing. Still to this day, I remember the sound of the pop rocks and the raspberry flavor that came with them. 

Since the original flavors many new ones have come out. I like so many of them it is hard to count, but I never really see them anymore. That's why when I found Old Time Candy, I knew I had to order a few packs, and they did not disappoint.

2. Fun Dip

A staple piece of my childhood was fun dip. My dad bringing home two valentine's day value packs of the red and blue, one for the classroom and one for my family to devour over the next week. Even when you get to the end of the sugar, the stick is there. This is one of my absolute favorite candies, in the world.

3. Bottle Caps

Oh my, what to say about bottle caps. The random pull of flavors ranging from grape to cola. The cola was the best and you can’t convince me otherwise. The pure JOY that I would feel when I would bite into a bottle cap and it would be cola flavored, felt better than the first bite of a york peppermint patty.

4. Baby Bottle Pops

These are one of my kids’ favorites. Every time we would go to any supermarket, they would grab a Baby Bottle Pop in the checkout line. My favorite was the watermelon flavor. I loved the fact that these could be closed and re-opened so I didn’t always have open candy flying around my car, well I did because my kids would never close them right.

5. Circus Peanuts

I was never a huge fan of these but my older family LOVES these. I always felt like I was eating a dry laffy taffy when I would eat these. It’s the type of candy that when somebody would say “can you pick me up some circus peanuts?” it would make you stop, and think about what makes this person you love like circus peanuts so much. Like, people who like circus peanuts, won’t usually settle for anything less than circus peanuts.

6. Pixy Stix

This was it! Pixy Stix were perfect for when I would need just a little bit of sugar but not want a whole piece of candy. My kids and I love going to amusement parks where we can make those big straws of the sugar in these with as many flavors as we want. I can’t tell you how many times I would be there holding six 4 foot Pixy Stix straws while my kids were riding a roller coaster.

7. Moon Pies

These are my favorite gas station snack. Every few years they would come out with a new seasonal flavor, and by god, I had to try them all. Strawberry, Lemon, ORANGE, caramel, you name it, I’ve tried it.

8. WarHeads

Every few years I will see one of these and forget just how sour they are. These cause a good 20 seconds of tart face, and then nothing. I am always left wanting more after one of these, resulting in me finding about 27 empty warhead wrappers in the top drawer of my nightstand.

9. Peeps

These aren’t my top pick but if I see them, I always seem to buy them. Peeps on Easter are top tier. The yellow ones are the main ones that I eat but every once in a while I will slip up and try one of the Christmas flavors. Ginger bread was good, Snow man, was AMAZING.

10. Wax Bottles

These. These were the best.


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