Read Food Labels with Facts Up Front

Read Food Labels with Facts Up Front

Read Food Labels with Facts Up Front

I am the grocery shopper in our family or at least I used to be. This year my family is on a quest to make better choices when it comes to food. I am someone who is a label reader. I haven’t always been this way but in the past year my husband and I have really changed the way we grocery shop.

For years, I have done the grocery shopping for our family. Me and me alone. Frankly we a very busy family of five, I didn’t have a lot of time to label read and neither did my husband.

This year we have really focused on knowing 100% what is in our food. This is important to us because we have been eating better and we know what we are putting in our bodies. Now this is very easy for us to do with Facts Up Front –

About Facts Up Front

Facts Up Front is our new go-to resource to learn more about labels and label reading. This helps up build a healthier diet and is much easier to do with a visible roll label. helps us and all consumers make informed choices when it comes to what we put in our shopping carts and bring home to our families.

When key information from the Nutrition Facts Panel is now clearly visible on the front of the package, making good choices has never been easier. This is the kind information that I want to know. Facts Up Front makes it so much easier to make decisions about what foods to buy and to learn what exactly is in these foods.

Now my husband and I set aside time each week to do a thorough grocery shopping. No more racing through the store. We are informed about every item we put in our shopping cart. This is a nice and it nice to have some place to get all of the information we need.

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  1. Louida

    I’ve been reading the food labels a lot closely lately. Some of the ingredients are hard to understand and know if it’s good for you. Thanks, I’ll check out Facts Up Front.

  2. I am a huge food label reader and my Hubs has become one too. Good for you and your Husband for focusing more on what you and your family are putting in your mouth. You will be much healthier for it.

  3. This would be great for my clients–thanks for sharing! I try to tell them not to eat any processed food (thus, no label reading) but it’s really hard to do in the real world, especially if you work and can’t make everything from scratch. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am the grocery shopper too and have been trying to buy healthier foods for my family. I will have to check into this program.

  5. This is such a great program! I am really trying to be very aware of everything that is in our foods. This is so helpful

  6. I rarely read food labels, isn’t that terrible?! I usually get what I get and try and make healthy choices, but then again we don’t really buy prepackaged food all that much. We usually make our food from scratch or recipes.

  7. I am working hard at feeding my family only good things. Reading labels is one of the changes I am making! This program is really awesome!

  8. I love LOVE that more are doing this. I don’t have time to search for labels when shopping, this info shouldn’t be hidden. Well done Nutella!!

  9. I’m impressed with this new system! BTW, Nutella is delicious. 😀

  10. I’m adamant about reading food labels, but my husband sure isn’t concerned. 🙁

  11. I got all tasty and woozie scrolling past the nutella. YUM. I like the new labels.

  12. Since becoming gluten free, label reading is a MUST for me for safety reasons. I never realized how much information you can find on the labels.

  13. I really appreciate the facts up front labels. It makes it so much easier to quickly browse the aisles.

  14. LOVE these labels!! Makes it so much easier for people like me who really read the labels!!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This is a great program. I love the idea of not search jars and labels for this information!

  16. I always read the labels. Even more importantly, I read the ingredients.

  17. I’m getting better at checking labels, but it’s a slow process. It’s def. worth the effort.

  18. What a great resource! And good for you for taking the extra time to know exactly what you’re feeding your family!! 😀

  19. I read the calorie count and that is about it to be honest. I need to get better about reading the labels.

  20. Pam

    We have to read the labels well because my daughter is a celiac. It’s important to know what’s in our food!

  21. I admit I’m not always good at reading the labels, but my husband is, and he does more than half of the grocery shopping. I really am going to start reading the labels!

  22. I am so, so glad that we’re moving in this direction. This is incredibly helpful!

  23. Okay, this is great info and all, but I really just want to go grab my jar of Nutella!!! LOL Seriously, great to have the facts up front!!!

  24. veronica

    It’s great having facts upfront so we can make educated decisions about the foods we eat. It is also important to understand what they mean. Low calorie doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better option. And when a product says natural…look deeper into what natural really means.

  25. I love the fact up front but I still check things on the back…The clear label upfront is nice and easy.

  26. I can appreciate the facts up front labels. I wish foods labeled if they were non GMO too.

  27. I like the info in front, but I’m usually checking the back anyway, for more info.

  28. sounds like a great resource, actually I buy this product once in a awhile and make nutella and honey sandwiches.

  29. I didn’t realize that the labels would be on the front. That is cool.

  30. Since becoming a mom I have taken a lot more time to read labels when I am shopping for products at the store. I think it’s so important to be in the know when it comes to what we are eating and feeding our family.

  31. Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven}

    It’s really convenient having the labels in front now. Now I don’t have to pick everything up to turn it around, I can see the labels right there on the shelf.

  32. Karen

    I love these new food labels. They are so much easier to read and it makes grocery shopping go so much faster!

  33. Brandy

    What a great resource! I have been working on reading the labels for what I buy. Still a few slip ups but a resource like this would be super helpful.

  34. This is such a great resource. It’s so important to read labels

  35. I LOVE the Food facts up front labels! They make helping me see the nutritional info at a glance and helps me make faster/more informed decisions!

  36. I love that they are doing this now. I’ve been very careful about checking.

  37. I am ridiculous about reading labels. So the Food facts labels are wonderful. Makes it so much easier.

  38. Camesha

    Oh, I love this! I have been making better food choices for our family and this just makes it that much easier!

  39. I think this is so important! I check labels for gluten, for my youngest. It can hide in all sorts of foods and ingredients. Someday all labels will be clear and I won’t have to investigate.

  40. We should know what’s in our food. After all, it’s our body and our health!

  41. Facts Up Front labels are so nice because I don’t exactly have a lot of time to waste in the grocery store. Also, mmm… Nutella….

  42. I read labels for ingredients when I’m shopping for children and for carb content when I’m shopping for my diabetic niece. It’s really important to understand good and bad nutrients, too. Carbs, for instance. A fiber-filled granola is a better choice than processed sugar cereal, even though the carb count may be higher.

  43. I’ve become a food label reader thanks to all the gunk brands put into the food they sell on shelves. Scary!!

  44. I try to read the labels on all foods. I wish more companies would be upfront about the ingredients in products.

  45. I’m pretty particular about checking labels so this makes it even easier. I hate having to do extra research into my foods before buying them.

  46. I need to be much better about reading labels. I think facts up front will help me a lot!!

  47. I read the labels a lot and when I’m with my kids, flipping things over and around takes time and it really adds up! Being able to just look right at the front is nice, more products need this!

  48. I love the new labels! It shouldn’t be hard to find the nutritional info on anything!

  49. I totally love this! I’ll admit when I was younger, I totally scoffed at the people in the store that had to stop and read every label. But, in recent years I have definitely learned how important it is to do just that.

  50. I think it’s really great that labels are so easy to read these days. I love seeing more things like this!

  51. I have seen these fact front nutrition labels on a few products in the grocery store. I really like it. It draws you eye right to the important info.

  52. Jen - Life With Levi

    I’m trying to get better about reading labels. I do it all the time for my son, but I forget to do it for the foods I eat when I’m on my own at the office.

  53. teresa mccluskey

    I do not read many food labels but I really do need too!

  54. I love that they have added these. Even my kids know how to read them. And they know what a serving is of something when they ask for a snack!

  55. I always read labels, but having a child with food allergies, I don’t really have much of a choice. Is this removing the facts from the back of the label, though? This does look convenient!

  56. That is an interesting website. I like how it puts it out there and you don’t have to search and squint at the fine print. I’m a label reader as well. Our son who is 10 is even worse though. He sits at the dinner table reading the sugar content in EVERY condiment placed on the table.

  57. I think this is such a great idea. I am an ingredient reader, its amazing where they sneak in crap!

  58. Definitely makes my food label reading much easier! I can find my info quickly

  59. It is amazing how much time I save when I added up all of the products I didn’t have to physically pick up and read when I can instead just scan the shelf.

    Reading the labels is so darn important.

  60. Great post! I need to be better at reading labels!

  61. I’ve been paying closer and closer attention to food labels. I am totally for this movement to make them bigger and up front. I just wish they would talk about calories for the entire product and not just 1 serving….I bet lots of people get fooled by that.

  62. This sounds like a really great resource. I’ll be honest, I’m so terrible at looking at food labels… I really need to start doing that! I eat too much junk!

  63. I found that my eye naturally draws to that label. It’s really convenient.

  64. That is so important to have easy to read and understand food labels. I am glad that the facts will be up front.

  65. I read the labels on everything now! Thank you for the facts on this!

  66. We’ve always been label readers here. I’m so glad that they’re making a move to make it a universal placement on the front of the label. That would make it so much easier and more efficient to find the information we need!

  67. I’m a big label reader. I have never heard of Facts Up Front. I will definitely check it out.

  68. That seems like it would make understanding food labels so much easier. Elderly people, especially, have such a hard time with it.

  69. I am a label reader. I’m glad to see the facts up front.

  70. This is great. It’s important to know what’s in the food and nobody has time to read the small print on every box at the grocery store.

  71. I’ve just recently started paying more attention to labels. It scares me to think what I’ve put in my body over the years, this is great!

  72. Birdiebee

    I have to read food labels every time I go to the grocery store as our family has many allergies.

  73. Facts Up Front sounds like an amazing resource! I am definitely going to check this out – so needed!

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