Read Food Labels with Facts Up Front

Read Food Labels with Facts Up Front

Read Food Labels with Facts Up Front

I am the grocery shopper in our family or at least I used to be. This year my family is on a quest to make better choices when it comes to food. I am someone who is a label reader. I haven’t always been this way but in the past year my husband and I have really changed the way we grocery shop.

For years, I have done the grocery shopping for our family. Me and me alone. Frankly we a very busy family of five, I didn’t have a lot of time to label read and neither did my husband.

This year we have really focused on knowing 100% what is in our food. This is important to us because we have been eating better and we know what we are putting in our bodies. Now this is very easy for us to do with Facts Up Front –

About Facts Up Front

Facts Up Front is our new go-to resource to learn more about labels and label reading. This helps up build a healthier diet and is much easier to do with a visible roll label. helps us and all consumers make informed choices when it comes to what we put in our shopping carts and bring home to our families.

When key information from the Nutrition Facts Panel is now clearly visible on the front of the package, making good choices has never been easier. This is the kind information that I want to know. Facts Up Front makes it so much easier to make decisions about what foods to buy and to learn what exactly is in these foods.

Now my husband and I set aside time each week to do a thorough grocery shopping. No more racing through the store. We are informed about every item we put in our shopping cart. This is a nice and it nice to have some place to get all of the information we need.

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