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Travel with Kids: Storybook Tour of Europe

Storybook Tour of EuropeTraveling Europe with children and their favorite storybooks is a great way to get them involved in the trip and excited about what they are seeing and doing. With so many children’s authors coming from European countries there are a lot of opportunities for incorporating their favorite stories or the inspiration for them into your trip. It is easiest to either plan a trip around a favorite character, or plan stops in an already planned trip that will take you to some of your child’s favorite places.

These are some ideas to help you get started on planning your next trip to Europe with children and their storybooks.

Travel with Kids: Storybook Tour of Europe



Kingfisher’s stories of a girl coming up with her own adventures of fun in Paris are based on his own travels through Paris. The Latin Quarter served as the inspiration for the books, and a lot of the places that you can visit right in that area of Paris have been the inspiration for scenes, places and events that took place. Head to the   Museum of Natural History where there are all sorts of curios and odd things to capture the attention of children. The museum of the Middle Ages also led to some of the more fantastic creatures that found their way into adventures, and of course, you need to seek out a cafe that serves hot chocolate to help kids get through the rest of their day.

Stockholm, Sweden with Pippi Longstocking


Pippi Longstocking is one of the most beloved children’s book characters, and the product of Astrid Lindgren. Scandinavia is the place where Pippi is celebrated and adored, with theme parks, festivals and theatre all being devoted to this popular image. Junibacken is the place to head with children if you are going to be in Stockholm and want to introduce them to Pippi, or let fans immerse themselves in her world. A children’s train takes you through popular scenes from the book, there are special activities planned out daily and a library for kids to browse from.

Venice Italy with Olivia


In Olivia goes to Venice, we are given a very funny, very engaging tour of the city that is easy enough to recreate with children of all ages. Gelato, palazzo visiting, bridges, masks and quick canal trips are all in store for Olivia. Read through the book one more time before heading out to find your own adventures just like Olivia did with her family in the maze that is Venice.

London England Storybook Tour with Miroslav Sasek


The This is London book by Sasek is iconic after so many years and generations of giving the book to children as gifts. The entire set introduces children to cities all over the world, but the London edition is the most popular by far. Every site, sound and characteristic attraction of the city is caught I the pages of this book, and so many of them include the favorites of tourists of any age. Head to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard, cross London Bridge and listen to ghost stories at London Tower.

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    I would love to tour Europe for real one day! This place is so beautiful! SO much to see, love these pictures.

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