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Yotel London Heathrow {VIDEO}

Yotel London Heathrow RoomYotel offers travelers short-term lodging options inside major airport terminals, including London’s Heathrow. Yotel London Heathrow rooms feature sleeping accommodations and bathroom facilities, along with other amenities to accommodate anyone staying for a few hours to a few days. The brainchild of Simon Woodroffe and Gerard Greene, Yotels combines compact and convince into one package.

Yotel at London’s Heathrow airport is located on the mezzanine level inside Terminal 4. It offers patrons the opportunity to go from the terminal to their room in minutes. Rooms are soundproofed to minimize outside noise. Handicap accessible rooms are also available. Reservations can be made online and travelers may check in and out on their own schedule. The minimum stay is four hours.Yotel London Heathrow Room2

Yotel London Heathrow Room BathroomThe compact but traditionally styled rooms come in three sizes: standard, premium and premium twin. Each includes fully supplied beds with sheets and pillows. The bathrooms are equipped with a toilet, basin, overhead-styled showers, towels and toiletries. There is a work area complete with a pull out desk and stool. Each room is equipped with electronic outlets and a flat screen television along with free Wifi. Patrons can also control the heating and air conditioning within their room.

Yotel London Heathrow Room FloorplanThe rooms are designed for a maximum of two adults. Standard sized rooms are seven square meters (75 square feet). They offer a 2-meter long, 1-meter wide bunk-style bed. The television is mounted at the foot of the bed and a luggage rack is provided for storage.

Yotel London Heathrow Room Premium Cabin TripleYotel London Heathrow Room3Yotel London Heathrow Room HallwayPremium rooms are 10 square meters (110 square feet). The 2 by 1.3 meter sofa-style bed can be converted into a double. There is also extra storage space under the bed. A window looks out to the corridor. The television is situated above the pull out work desk.

The premium twin room has the same dimensions as the premium room and features an upper and lower bunk bed design. Each bed measures 2 by 1 meters. The work area and television sit across the room from the bunk beds.

Yotel London Heathrow Room5Yotel Heathrow also includes 24-hour room service. Patrons can order food, including sandwiches and salads, as well as snacks and drinks. Breakfast options are also available. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are complimentary. The Yotel is situated right next to the Windsor Castle Bar and Restaurant for outside dining.


Photos courtesy of Yotel.

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  1. Cat

    Wow what an awesome hotel! I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this before! Will have to remember Yotel Heathrow next time we travel! 

  2. Jeni Hawkins

    London looks like an amazing place to visit. I just can’t get over this hotel. It’s so magical looking and it looks so chic. Plus the pink is super awesome.

  3. Kristin

    Oh my gosh how fun. I have always wanted to stay at one of these places!!

  4. TColeman

    This looks like such an incredible place to stay! It looks like it would be so much fun.

  5. That looks amazing – and such a cool concept. Being able to catch a little rest or get some work done in quiet on an extra-long layover would be great.

  6. Randi

    I’ve never seen anything like that … it looks awesome and so modern!

  7. Kathy

    That is really neat. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I would love to stay there. I love how unique it is.

  8. This hotel concept is absolutely amazing!!! I would love to check it out in person!

  9. I absolutely love this idea! I’ve had multiple long layovers at Heathrow! I know what I”ll be doing the next time I have a layover there! Now if only they could put a Yotel in every airport, I’d be all set!

  10. Wait, so this is a hotel inside of the airport? That’s a really neat idea and perfect for those who miss flights, layover, etc. Better than crashing on the floor!

  11. Honestly this looks like the coolest hotel to stay at! I think it would be such a great experience and it is also super convenient! Loving all the photos! Definitely beats sleeping on an airport chair!

  12. That is super convenient to have right there at the airport. They look like they have gorgeous rooms!

  13. Such a tiny little space! I’d want to try it at least once to say I had experienced it.

  14. This is so cute and compact! It looks comfortable and relaxing for the space!

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