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Family Movie Night ALERT – Check out Game of Your Life This Weekend!

Tomorrow night's the big night – “Game of Your Life” will be on NBC at 8/7c. You won't want to miss the one-time airing of this movie event for your whole family. It's a humorous and heartfelt drama that reminds kids that the choices they make affect others in ways they don't realize. So gather everyone around the tube and find out firsthand if Zach Taylor chooses the right moves.


Zach, a high school gamer who lands a scholarship to an elite video game design program, has a bright future as long as he can survive the intense freshman year project that eliminates half the class in the first three months. But when Zach learns that his father is in financial trouble, he has to make a choice that will affect his future and the lives of everyone around him.


This humorous and heartfelt drama is a great reminder for kids – and all of us – that the choices they make impact the people around them. Don’t miss it Friday, December 2nd at 8/7c on NBC.

View the trailer:


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