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Wordless Wednesday – Visiting Turtle

Found this guy on the back step last week as we were trying to leave for my daughters school play. We had to use the front door which we don't do too often.

HE IS HUGE! I almost fell on him.

We live in a neighborhood with several ponds so he probably lives in one of them. Have you ever seen a tail like that on a turtle?

He is house was pretty beat up (but then again, so is mine). He must be old.

He was gone when we got back to the house about 90 minutes later. For an old guy, he sure moves fast.

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  1. Kathy

    Wow! You are right. I haven’t seen a tail like that on a turtle before. Cool.

  2. Seriously that tail is gross looking! Never seen one that big before!

  3. Cristi Comes

    Wow, is that really a turtle? I had no idea they had long tails like that. Crazy.

  4. that’s HUGE – especially the tail!

  5. Alicia

    That is a HUGE turtle to find on your doorstep! Yikes!

  6. Looks like an aligator turtle

  7. That is a HUGE tail!! Can’t believe he made it that far. We haven’t seen many frogs yet this Spring let alone any turtles!


  8. Wow! That is a crazy tail. very cool!

  9. That is very cool! And yes, that tail is LONG!!

  10. That is ginormous! I would have run and got my camera too!

  11. Cool! Turtles are just awesome 🙂 That really is one large beastly tail he has!

  12. WOW, that is one big turtle, I have never seen a tail like that on a turtle, weird!!!

  13. What a big turtle! And that tail. My goodness, it’s huge! lol I’ve gotta tell you though, I have friends who own tortoises that are over 50 pounds! How crazy is that?

  14. I must admit, that would freak me out a little bit.

  15. My kids love when we have visitors like that. : )
    What a neat turtle!

  16. WOW that is a huge turtle. I linked up and am following. I have a linky and a button on my blog today with my WW post of Sunsets and S’mores Matter.

  17. Stephanie @ The Blue Zoo

    WOW! That is a creepy tail.

  18. Dude! His tail is insane!! Like his mama hooked up with a lizard or something!! Crazy! Thanks for the linkup!

  19. What a wild looking turtle! He would probably bite a kitty like me. And probably with good reason.

  20. That is so neat! He kind of looks slimy in these pictures…

  21. Nif

    No… I have never seen a tail like that on a turtle! I’m going to have to Google that one and show my daughter (future vet!) 🙂 Thanks for the smile this morning!

  22. Wow! What a great visitor to have come along. He does look huge, look how long his tail is.

  23. WOW..I agree what a tail! We get a lot of big guys around here but I never seen a tail like that

  24. He’s huge! The tutles we had back home were itty bitty compared to him!

  25. Wow! I would have tripped over him. He is huge!

  26. Oh wow! He looks like a snapping turtle!

  27. That is amazing. I don’t know what I would do if I encountered one of those.
    Thanks for the linky, too!

  28. That thing is huge! No way in the world…

  29. WOW huge, our pet turtle that we had outside for a little escaped!

  30. Savvy

    I am so glad you didn’t touch or try to move him. I grew up in Texas and we call turtles like that “snapping” turtles or “logger heads.” I can’t be sure from your photos, but if he is one of those his jaws are powerful enough to remove a finger. He has the classic curled snout of one so its a good thing you used the front door. YIKES! Happy WW!

  31. Ok, that would completely freak me out. His tail is long….so odd.

  32. Katie Smith

    Thanks for the liink up

  33. Russ

    Great turtle pictures.You were probably smart to go around. He might be a snapper. I am not sure about that tail.

  34. When I was a kid, we lived near a creek. I remember, one year, we used to have a snapping turtle come visit our backyard. Early, every morning, my mom would point him out to us – climbing over the chain-link fence! Before evening, he’d head back home for the night.

    And, NO, I’ve never seen a tail like that! Wow!

  35. Kwee Lewis

    No! I have never seen a tail on a turtle like that! He is fantastic! Old guys can surprise you sometimes 🙂 Your turtle find is so neat. Thank you for sharing it, I’m glad I got to see him.

  36. Sam

    Wow, he’s huge! Do you see a lot of turtles there? We have turtles but we don’t often see them.

  37. Adventures of the Domesticated Mama

    Oh wow never seen a turtle with a tail like that!

  38. Before I read your post, I thought it was a giant turtle poop, not a tail. lol. That’s crazy that he was just hanging out there.

  39. Deborah

    OMGosh! I’ve never seen a turtle tail that big.

  40. Avry

    Holy cow! That would be crazy to see that on your doorstep! I didnt’ know they got tails! wow!

  41. Oh my word, look at that tail! LOL Turtles are awesome. 🙂

  42. Valerie @ My-2-Cents

    Hello, I am a new follower. I would love it if you would visit my blog and follow me back at Valerie @ My-2-Cents

    Thank you
    Have a blessed week!

  43. That is a crazy tail! I would love a pet turtle. They are cool.

  44. Bill and the “big” dogs (all things are relative) ran into a huge turtle on their walk the other day. (I talk the “little” dogs on a shorter walk in the mornings.) I think the turtles are more active because it is nesting season (http://www.newsherald.com/articles/beach-93432-city-nesting.html).
    I haven’t seen one with a tail that long, either, though. That is one freaky looking turtle. Great photos!

  45. Stacy Uncorked

    Wow! That IS a huge turtle – with a huge tail! Even Princess Nagger commented on his tail! 🙂 Pretty cool he stopped by for a visit! 🙂

  46. Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen a tail like that on a turtle. That’s crazy!

  47. Marianna

    Holy moly that tail is huge!!!!!

  48. Thanks for linking up at Tots and Me. Wouldn’t have wanted to miss that picture! That is amazing. Definitely have never seen a tail like that on a turtle.

  49. Oh my, I would have been kind of scared to find that!

  50. Kat

    No, I haven’t seen a tail like that before. I’d have let out a loud scream if I would have found that at my door step. I live near a pond, but we’ve never had a turtle come to visit us!

  51. That’s pretty cool! My kids would love if a turtle came to visit us. 😀

  52. Holy cow . . . I have never seen a tail that long on a turtle. WOW.

  53. I’ve never seen a tail like that on a turtle before!

  54. WOw! That turtle is huge and his tail is gigantic! Lol! Thanks for linking up at Girl talk. Happy WW!

  55. lace wigs

    Thanks for your post.

  56. WeeMason's Mom

    Was he saying “Little Pig Little Pig, Let me in?!” LOL What a surprising houseguest!

  57. Allison Carter

    Wow! I’ve never seen a tail like that–maybe it’s a snakehead turtle? That’s the only thing that even looks remotely similar. Very strange.

  58. He climbed that step all by himself? Shoot, he deserved to come inside after that! 😉

  59. Pam

    OMG!!! What a big visiting turtle! I have never seen such a long turtle tail in my entire life. He must be old and lonely…

  60. won

    Call me crazy…but I did not even know turtles had tails. It makes him look kind of creepy to me!

  61. Holy moley – that would have scared me!

  62. that is quite the visitor you had! about the most interesting things we see around here are cats, geckos and tokgah geckos (the big, ugly, blue and red ones)

  63. More posts of this quialty. Not the usual c***, please

  64. I grew up with having turtles as pets. We would make a large pen of rocks, sticks and leaves for the outdoor animal. There were always turtles to capture and nurture. My kids have only seen turtles in zoos. They just don’t live around the neighborhood anymore!

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