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Wordless Wednesday – Orthodontrepreneur


(or – thoh – DAHN – truh – pre – noor) n:

A child who wants to knock out all of his own teeth in the interest of a hefty payday from the Tooth Fairy.

Taken from the hilarious, must read from Eric Ruhalter: The Kid Dictionary.

This kid has lost four teeth in less than 10 days!!!

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97 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. It’s funny how that always happens.

  2. You remind me I need to grab a few gold coins the next time I go to the bank! It’s only a matter of time until Gavin’s start falling out!

  3. She and Daly must be having a contest…she’s lost 3 in 5 days. She has one more that’s loose. Go figure!

  4. Wow! Wonder what the going rate for teeth is these days. I received a whopping 25 cents per tooth back in the day 🙂

  5. BalancingMama (Julie)

    Wow! That’s a lot of missing teeth.

  6. Misadventurous Mommy

    My nine year old did 3 in one week a couple of years ago, she nearly drained my tooth fairy fund with those bad boys!

  7. Wow, that is like having to learn to talk all over again. lol

  8. Haha, love it! I hope the tooth fairy delivered!

  9. This is too funny! She has a competitive spirit. Now that can’t be a bad thing.
    Xo – gabby

  10. Beth

    haha. Grace keeps asking when she will loose her teeth. I think she is ready for payday. LOL

  11. She must be RICH ;). My daughter lost one last week. I can’t imagine 4.

  12. At one point my kids tried making fake teeth to trick the tooth fairy into stopping by more often! Your daughter is so cute with her missing teeth.

  13. What the heck? Are you serious?! The tooth fairy pays way above inflation rates now; kids are lucky! I got a freakin’ dime when I was little.

  14. Mindi

    Wow that’s a whole lot of teeth! My boys are just growing their teeth. Losing them sounds so far away but before I blink it will be here.

  15. I hear you – my son’s teeth are falling out like crazy! He just lost another one yesterday biting a corn dog stick at school; I’m going to need to refinance my house at this rate!

  16. rolling in the cash, I’m sure!!

  17. Sounds like she got more than robbing a bank! LOL

  18. but she sure is cute!

    my kid gets a small lego set and a dollar coin.

  19. That’s quite impressive! I wish that I had been that clever as a child. That little toothless(ish) grin is so adorable!

  20. Maryann

    How old? My son has only lost 2 total.

  21. Harriet

    There was a Southpark episode where the Tooth fairy was big business. It was crazy.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  22. Canadian Mom Blogger

    My daughter’s teeth all seemed to fall out at once too, lol. She looks happy about it!

  23. Paula

    My son once asked his teacher if she would pull his front teeth out because everyone else was losing their teeth but him. The only issue was his front teeth weren’t even loose!!

  24. Clever girl with an adorable smile!
    My son, who is turning 13 next month, saved *all* his baby teeth because ‘I want to save the tooth fairy having to look for quarters, she can write me a check instead’ 😉

  25. Stacey at RealWorldMom

    Ouch! LOL! This keeps up, she’ll be able to buy her first car! 🙂 Happy WW!

  26. Prettiest smiling eyes I ever saw and a very happy smile.

  27. That’s one smart cookie! Expensive for mom but very smart..lol

  28. Oh wow, four teeth! The tooth fairy is going to go broke ;P

  29. Isabella did that too! LOVE the word for it though lol

  30. What is the going rate on teeth? She is adorable and I used to do the same thing! LOL

  31. Carolyn

    Thanks for linking up! Happy w/w!

  32. Katherines Corner

    giggle, isn’t that always the way!Hugs, Happy WW. I hope you’ll join us at the Thursday Favorite Things blog Hop Linky Party tomorrow.

  33. Haha-too funny! I have some of my patients tell me that their moms give them 5 dollars per tooth- crazy

  34. TerriAnn

    In that case, your daughter’s going to be raking the cash while you run out of it 😛

  35. That is awesome!
    What’s the going rate for a tooth in your house?
    I’m holding steady at $1.00!!! lol

    • Stacie

      We give $5 per tooth. I remember asking when my son lost his first tooth because I had no point of reference and the majority said $5 so that is what we went with.

  36. Amy

    haha hope the tooth fairy was ready!!!

  37. wow, that is a lot of teeth!

  38. LMAO she didn’t really knock them out herself did she?

  39. Hahaha thank you for giving me a NAME for this – Taylor totally did it with her second tooth – apparently the Tooth Fairy overpaid her a bit on the first one so she thought she would snatch another one out LOL

  40. I’m so glad you sounded that out for me at the bottom because I sounded like an idiot trying to say it on my own!

  41. Karly @ Three in Three

    Thank you for linking up with me for Wordless{ish} Wednesday! I could never knock my own teeth out as a kid. I would let them dangle and twist them around and gross everyone out, but if someone came at me like they were going to pull the tooth out, I would FLIP OUT!

  42. Shell Fruscione

    WOW that’s a lot of teeth!

  43. Stacie – Thank you so much for quoting The Kid Dictionary. If you want a real indepth look inside the book, please take a look at this:


    Would love to hear what you think…

    Thanks again,


  44. Kayte

    Hahahaha! The unfortunate thing is that kids will knock out/try to force their teeth out for a payday. I suppose as long as they’re not their adult teeth… 😉 I remember when I tried to force my teeth out for the tooth fairy. :-O

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