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Wordless Wednesday – Lobster Revelation with LINKY

We eat breakfast at the same place every weekend. We have for years.

We almost sit at the same mafia style booth in the corner. I have probably stared at this picture at least 100 times.

Today I noticed what was swimming in the tank. Almost spit out my OJ.

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  1. feefifoto

    Look! They even have the big ugly rubber bands around their wrists so they don’t pinch each other!

  2. Amy Kronstedt

    Lol! Too Funny! 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s quite a painting for a diner!

  4. Oh my! That is hilarious though! I probably wouldn’t have caught that either!

  5. christina

    Girl that is hilarious! Different seating arrangement next time? lol @nickandmattsmom

  6. That is the craziest thing I’ve seen in a restaurant!! Didn’t realize at first their hands were tied like Lobsters claws are! LOL

  7. LMAO!!! Men, naked men, swimming in a tank, with their hands bound…..LOL…….. That is too funny! I love it!
    Isn’t it weird how you can look at something 100 times and then finally notice something you never noticed before…. Does the restaurant serve seafood?

  8. LOL!! That is hilarious. I’m glad I read the post, otherwise I would have missed it!

  9. so subtle, LOL! I kinda think the way they have their hands bound is to keep them from climbing out of the tank!

  10. New Jersey Memories

    That is so funny!

  11. My human LOVES this photo! Me? I just love lobster and am happy there were no kitties in the tank!

  12. NYC SingleMom

    Goodness that is eyeful but totally hysterical. Thanks for the funny today. I will need it.


    Happy WW!

  13. OMG that is hilarious…and kind of weird.

  14. evelyn goettner

    Too funny!!

  15. Oh my gosh, all the times you ate there and never even noticed!

  16. Awesome! I can’t believe you just noticed it! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  17. That is HILARIOUS!! Especially since you just recently noticed what was swimming after looking at that same picture for years… 😉

    WW: Guardian Mask

  18. LOL! Great picture! Love how they are wearing bibs too, of course!

  19. Love it…too funny! Isn’t it great when you can find something new to see in a thing you’ve over and over?! :>

    This is my first visit to your site & I’m glad I saw you linked up at Parenting By Dummies, so now I can link up and visit you! :> Hope you are having a fantastic week!

  20. Oh my! Scary but silly and cute all at once! happy WW!

  21. Haha, awesome! Funny how disgusting it looks when the tables are turned!

  22. THAT IS HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing!

  23. LOL what a fun picture! Happy WW!

  24. Thanks for hosting this linky ; )

  25. Awesome! Great picture! LOL

    Thanks for linking up today. Happy WW!

  26. Oh, that is hilarious!! I wouldn’t have noticed!

  27. Deborah

    LOL, what else would be swimming around in a tank owned by a Lobster mob. Hehe.

  28. That picture is crazy looking. I guess that is how the lobsters are looking at us. That would freak me out.

  29. Ha ha ha! That’s funny – and I NEVER would have noticed that in a restaurant!

  30. Oh my that is way too funny!!!

  31. That is the funniest thing that I’ve seen all day!

    Happy WW,

  32. I totally LOVE that picture… it is so funny.
    Thank you for the great laugh!
    I’d be like that, sitting in the same place for years and not noticing something, don’t feel bad. 🙂

  33. Hannah

    Ha! Who would have thought?

  34. Tamara B.

    OMG, that is too funny ……….. did the children notice this? My children would have been the first ones to point this out (LOL) Thank-you for sharing I needed the great laugh : )

  35. Uuuu Yaaa! I don’t blame you!!! How funny!

  36. Art of RetroCollage

    Do they have a lobster pot?

  37. Eve

    I love wordless wednesdays! so funny sometimes!

  38. You have a lotta’ self-control.

    ~ Yaya

  39. I love this idea… and the lobsters eating dinner around the human tank!

  40. courtney

    that’s awesome! love the picture! ! ha ha

  41. Great censor job. do you think that was there all the time? The food must be really great for you not to notice

  42. Angie Appoo

    At first I thought they were frogs…my husband is selective where we eat seafood, because although we love lobster, crab and shrimp, he detests frogs (frog legs) and lots of seafood places serve frogs. He refuses to eat if he sees frog on the menu, he feels they are cooked in the same pots, etc..but I was shocked as you I presume, to see that it was humans. After the shock and terror, it kinda is comical, actually no, it;s not, it’s still creepy, 🙂 I’d have to change my seat from then on, couldn’t look at that picture again.

  43. Debra P

    Kind of a twist there of things we take for granted. I personally hate the idea that lobsters scream when they are boiled. Anyway, it is a cute picture and a bit of revenge for them.

  44. ellen

    LOL- makes sense though-payback is a… well you know when it comes to lobsters 🙂
    Funny how you can look at something for a long time & never really see it- pictures are like that as are some good books!

  45. That’s funny, even funnier that you just now noticed it.

  46. This is great! How funny!

    Thanks for the linky…happy Wednesday to you

  47. Jessica

    Oh my! That is hilarious though! I probably wouldn’t have caught that either!

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