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Speechless Sunday – Romp Bomp A Chomp

I am a self-admitted lazy photographer of my children. Sure, I have professional pictures taken of them at least once per year. Twice if you include Santa but it is the everyday pictures that I am talking about. I made a promise to myself a few weeks ago that I would try to get better about capturing those everyday moments that will only live in my memory if I don't get a move on.

I bought another digital camera from someone in my mom's group. It was $20, still in great condition and takes great pictures. It is a little large but that is ok because it stays in our home. We leave one camera in each end of the house so there is always one nearby. If I see something cute, I run and snap a shot.  My husband and I are also trying to use our cellphone cameras everyday to take some pictures.

The result has been phenonmenal. I have some of the best shots of my children that I will keep for the rest of my life. To me, they are better than the professional pictures (not knocking professional pictures because I still love them). They capture the moments that are so incredibly real that they are almost always over in second but are more memorable than anything else.

I caught the shot below yesterday and I was completely speechless. AT. A. TOTAL. LOSS. OF. WORDS. This is my five year old standing on his scooter (not riding it because he does not have his helmet and is too lazy to get into the house and get it). So instead he is just standing there, lost in a daydream, singing under his breath, over and over and over again, “Romp Bomp A Chomp. Romp Bomp A Chomp.  Romp Bomp A Chomp.” Nothing else. That's it.

Not really sure what my kid was thinking. But there you have it, my speechless Sunday.

Disclaimer: The above is simply an impersonator of Dorothy the Dinosaur. He should not be confused with the beloved, green dinosaur from the Wiggles

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  1. Debra P

    That’s so awesome that you’re capturing so many cool daily moments. I need to get a new digital camera so I can do the same. I love the tail. I’m sure those pics will be priceless to you and to your children when they grow up. Btw, what is: Romp Bomp A Chomp.? Cute!

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