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Woot Birthday Twitter Party

RSVP for the Friday #WootBirthday Twitter Party plus get Woot's Totally Fun Pricing and Bags of Crap

Hey Friends! We are over halfway through Woot's 15th Birthday week celebration and things are getting even better. We've been sharing all kinds of great deals and shenanigans from our friends over at Woot.

#WOOTBirthday Twitter Party Friday 7.12.2019 at noon 12pm EST

We are celebrating Woot's birthday on Twitter this Friday with a Twitter party. We'll have some fun Woot trivia and questions plus some cool prizes like:

Grand Prize: Bag of Crap & WOOT $50 gift code
First Place Winners: WOOT $50 gift code

Simply RSVP  to let us know you are coming and send out a Tweet:

Join the WOOT 15th Birthday Week-long CelebrationBirthday Events Schedule for Thursday and Friday

Thursday, July 11: WTF (Woot’s Totally Fun) Pricing
At the start times below, a product launches with a price of $1. There are just a few at this price. If you miss it, stay on that page and be ready to refresh it in 10 minutes. Every 10 minutes, the price goes up a little more, with just a few at each price level. Woot! keeps raising the price until we reach a “final” price and/or it sells out. The price will increase 4-5 times before the final price is reached. Products will start at $1 on 7/11 at the following times:

11am CT
12pm CT
1pm CT
2pm CT

Friday, July 12: Woot-Off (7am CT – 10pm CT)

The Woot-Off is Woot’s most recognizable shenanigan. In Woot-Off! mode, a new product is launched immediately after the sellout of the previous deal. The number of Woot-Off! items, sequence, and quantities of each product are never announced, so you have to watch the landing page closely and be ready to pounce on a deal before it disappears. Woot-Offs happen on three different pages (the cross-category Woot-Off on the Clearance page, a Shirt-only Woot-Off on the Shirt page, and a Gourmet-only Woot-Off on the Gourmet page).
A Woot-Off is usually the place where you’ll find the elusive Bags of Crap. Speaking of which…

Friday, July 12: 15,000 Bags of Crap

A Bag of Crap (or BOCs, as we call 'em) is a random collection of stuff that we shove into a box and sell to you. Wooters have received brand-new laptops, a single shoe, expired batteries, and more. You'll never know when they'll appear, or what you'll get! They cost $10 and shipping is included. See a video of a BOC unboxing to see what’s inside!
This year, we’ll be releasing the largest-ever assemblage of crap to appear on Woot. They will appear at random times in the Woot-Off, on the Woot App, and during the 15-hour Woot Locker livestream (see details on Woot Locker below).

Friday, July 12: 150 Limited-Edition Birthday Bags of Crap

Each hour during the 14-hour Woot-Off, we'll release 10 specially-priced, limited-edition Birthday Bags of Crap. They are packed with extra crap, and a special certificate customers can frame and hang on their wall. They retail for $50 and they’ll contain some exclusive 15th-birthday rarities, so they’re worth it!

Friday, July 12: 15-Hour Woot Locker Livestream

Between 7am and 10pm CT, Woot staff will be hosting a live-stream on Woot’s Twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/wootdotcom) where we will make a new Woot Locker every hour. The Woot Locker (https://sellout.woot.com/offers/woot-locker) is like the larger, sillier version of a Bag of Crap. The price starts at $10,000 for an empty box, and employees add new items to the box every 5-10 minutes. Each time an item is added, the price of the Woot Locker is reduced. This is all captured on the livestream, until we get to a price that someone wants to actually pay for it. Once it’s sold, the box is emptied and the next Woot Locker goes up for sale, and the process starts over again, every hour.
Each box ends up containing a myriad of items, most of which we just found lying around the office, or warehouse, or Latvian rummage sale. The only way to know what’s going in the box is to watch!

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Of course you can shop on the WOOT app:  Apple  |   Google Play  |  Amazon

We hope that you are inspired by this Join the WOOT 15th Birthday Week-long Celebration post. Happy shopping!

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  1. This Twitter party sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. I am sure that many will participate and enjoy the experience!

  2. When I can make time for joining a Twitter party, I really enjoy the themes and prizes, although I never win! lol
    This party sounds like it’ll be full of crap and fun!

  3. I’ve never joined a Twitter party! Sounds both interesting and fun! 

  4. I’m so excited for Woot’s 15th Birthday week celebration. I hope I can join the twitter party! It seems so fun!

  5. Wup wup! I feel like winning myself a bag of crap!

  6. Lavern Moore

    Wow this seems so fun.  Never been to a twitter party. Sounds so fun and exciting!

  7. this WOOT twitter chat sounds like it will be fun 🙂

  8. Shannon

    This looks like so much fun! I wanna join!!!! WOOT!!!!

  9. I love participating in Twitter parties! This theme and the prizes are amazing!

  10. Lia Mae

    Twitter parties yay!! Sounds like something fun to look forward to.

  11. That looks one good reason to be on twitter to win some prizes and enjoy the chats.

  12. Claire

    I’ve been seeing and hearing about this lately! Especially it’s compatible with Amazon Prime (Sale)? Super cool! Twitter party or any parties are always fun!

  13. I didn’t know about all these twitter parties! They do exist? Oh my… interesting!

  14. I love twitter parties and have attended a few recently. I hope yours went well and you share all about it on your next post.

  15. Looks like such a fun event! Virtual parties are always fun and a great way to meet new bloggers in the community 🙂

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