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Wild Adventures – Fun for the Entire Family & Tips for Vacation Planning

Wild Adventures


With summer vacation in full swing, sometimes entertaining the children and indeed the entire family can be quite a chore. Often times, we hit the movies or the local library or I even bring out the sprinklers. I always want my children to have something fun to do and rather than stay inside all of the time, I prefer that they get outdoors to find entertainment there.

Finding the perfect place for vacation or even activities for the family can be a challenging and daunting task. This year, we had a nice, long vacation and then took a few, quick weekend trips.

One of those trips was to Wild Adventures here in Valdosta, Florida. We had a fabulous time. They combine the best of what my children love and have it all in one place.

Wild Adventures CollageABOUT WILD ADVENTURES

Wild Adventures has more than 50 attractions and thrill rides, making it attractive for the whole family! Boomerang, one of the park’s seven coasters, sends you 50 miles per hour through multiple loops and inversions. If you like speed, try the Cheetah, a 90 feet tall wooden roller coaster with deep plunges, fast speeds and exhilarating hills. Soar high into the horizon on the Aviator or Falcon Flyer. Take time to cool off in Splash Island with a dozen attractions like catching waves in the 20,000 square feet wave pool or taking a relaxing trip down Paradise River. Hakini Rapids, a giant water slide, features five stories of twists and turns. Sea Turtle Cove will keep toddlers busy with numerous water features.

Wild Adventures offers the thrills of roller coasters, hundreds of exotic animals, more than a million gallons of fun in a waterpark (Splash Island Water Park) and live shows to entertain everyone in the family. Near the Florida state line, the theme park is located in Valdosta, Georgia near Tallahasse, Florida, perfect for family vacationers on the road. Wild Adventures holds a number of special events and concerts that are worth taking a peek athere.

This year’s event calendar is stocked with big names and shows that the whole family can look forward to. So check out WildAdventures.com, they will even help you plan your vacation, from hotel rooms to tickets, you’ll be all set. With so much of the work taken care of, you’ll be able to make time for what matters most, family.


1. Listen.

I listen closely to what my children say throughout the year. When they see something or hear about something fun, they almost always tell me. I open the Notepad on my phone and type it in there. I have a list going so that when I sit down to plan a vacation, I have a list to start from. This is a wonderful tool when figuring out what to do.

2. Sign up for email newsletters.

Email newsletters of destinations will frequently offer deals or special to their loyal readers. I have scored 75% off of a hotel room before simply by reading the newsletter and finding out about the special.

3. Book early.

Whenever you can, book as early as possible. Prices tend to get a little higher the closer you get to your date of travel. This is especially true of airlines and sometimes hotels as well.

4. Call directly.

No matter where we go, I always call the location to confirm the price and to see if I can possibly get a better deal. 7 times out of 10, I am able to save a little more money by making a connection with our destination directly.

5. Book online.

While I know that this directly contradicts what I wrote above, there are some places (airlines includes) that charge more when you call on the phone you don't necessarily get the best price. I try places like the destination website and Priceline or Hotels.com.

What are your best tips for family vacation planning?


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  1. Now this sounds like such a fun place to go, with so much going on for the holidays. I am loving the sound of the boomerang ride as well!

  2. Jennifer Van Huss

    What a great post!! We have an amusement park near here that is similar to Wild Adventure!! My kids love going and I love the tips you have given to save money!!!

  3. Now this sounds like a lot of fun. I’m not heard of it but I know we like everything that you named off here. I love how you show how to save money and still have a lot of fun.

  4. Oh man, this brings up so many thoughts about what it might be like in the future if and when my husband have kids. We are going to have to re-think ALL of our adventures! ha! I dont know if a kid would want to go to Antarctica?! lol

  5. Ah darn, how did we miss this when we were in Flordia? You better believe we will go the next time we visit there! It looks like such fun for everyone!

  6. WILD ADVENTURES looks like a blast! They have a good assortment of entertainment! I need to head back to Florida!

  7. As we work on our summer vacation, I’m so glad to have read these awesome tips. 

  8. Victoria Heckstall

    Planning a trip with the whole fam is so excited. These are great tips. Bet this will be fun.

  9. Wow! There seems to be a ton of stuff here for all ages. It’s so hard to find vacation spots that offer fun for everyone in the family.

  10. This place looks like so much fun! I like your tips too. I agree with signing up for the newsletters.

  11. I always book way in advance in order to make sure I’m not missing anything. Plus, booking early often means better pricing!

  12. I rarely contact the venue directly, great tip! We are headed to Universal Studios Hollywood over spring break and then have another California vacation planned in the summer. We can’t wait for some beach time!

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