Why You Need an Architect

Why You Need an Architect

Why You Need an Architect

For some work, an architect is needed. But what jobs require an architect and why? In the following, we’ll answer common questions related to this topic and give you an idea of the importance of hiring an architect when needed. Let’s dive in!

Why You Need an Architect

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When an Architect Is Needed and Why

In some cases, an architect will be required (practically speaking, not legally) and in other cases they may be preferable to a designer or just hiring a builder.

The When

Here is a list of scenarios where an architect is needed:

  • You lack a clear vision for the project and feel professional assistance in bringing the design to life would help.
  • If you’d rather hire someone to assist in project management other than a builder or building company.
  • You’d like a professional to deal with the design work and you’re not interested in hiring an architectural technician (different to an architect).
  • You want a professional design but do not want to hire a design and build company.
  • When seeking a sustainable design, a professional architect can help ensure you get a design that works for you.
  • Your home is a historical building an architect is required to ensure the new design meets rules and regulations.
  • Commercial projects also often require an architect to make sure the design is practically and legally sound while being safe and meeting all regulations and other requirements and expectations/needs.

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If in doubt as to whether an architect is required for a job, you might want to ask your local council for further advice.

Why You Need an Architect

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The Why

As for why you might need an architect, ultimately, an architect can bring expertise and knowledge to the table to help bring a clear vision to life for a given project. If you already have a clear design in mind, an architect may not be required but if you’re lacking a clear vision, you’ll want to hire an architect and arguably would need to. Of course, you could hire an architectural technician or professional designer, but an architect is a go to for many. Similarly, if you are wondering why hire an interior designer, the answer is to get a clear vision of the design.

Also, an architect can prove very helpful when it comes to ensuring the design meets Building Regulations plus meeting with interior designers. That is why, architects are often available to work on Building reg and construction drawings for extensions or new build properties.

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Cost of Hiring an Architect

The average cost of hiring an architect is £50 to £100 per hour. In total, it will likely cost you several thousand pounds to hire an architect for a given project. When looking to hire an architect, it’s best to secure quotes from several professionals before deciding who to hire. This will allow you to weigh up several options before deciding who you should hire.

Why You Need an Architect

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