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Why An Antique Engagement Ring Makes Sense

Why An Antique Engagement Ring Makes Sense

Why An Antique Engagement Ring Makes Sense

When love is in the air and money’s no object, there’s no shortage of engagement ring options. Although accessibility isn’t an issue, narrowing your selection to the perfect ring is challenging. An engagement ring is worn forever and is a precious symbol of your never-ending love for one another, and you want to purchase something unique. While the final decision is yours, perhaps an antique engagement ring is what you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more. 


Going with the typical engagement ring trends is nice, but it increases the likelihood that you’ll purchase something that everyone else has. Just as your connection with each other is unique, you want your partner to have something one-of-a-kind. Antique rings are original. Everything from the design to the stone's cut is unique, making it stand out while also withstanding the test of time. 


Most of the jewelry available today is mass-produced, meaning it’s designed in a factory or warehouse using specialized equipment and machinery. Although it helps keep up with demand, mass production often reduces the uniqueness and quality of the ring. In times past, jewelry was crafted by hand and, therefore, made with certain attention to detail and care that produces better quality pieces. 

Historical Significance

Antique engagement rings have a historical significance. Whether you go to a jeweler or you intend to hand down a family heirloom, a story comes with it. Imagine stumbling upon a beautiful emerald princess cut ring surrounded by gold and diamonds that once belonged to a royal family or famed celebrity? Similarly, learning the story of how your great-great-grandfather proposed decades ago could add more meaning to the family heirloom, you’re going to give your partner. 

Investment Value

Did you know that an antique engagement ring can be a financial asset? Because these rings come from historical backgrounds unique eras and are made of the best quality, their value increases over time. An engagement ring for your partner today could easily be a college fund for your great-grandchildren down the line. 


When you purchase an antique engagement ring, you’re doing your part to save the planet. Essentially, opting for an existing ring eliminates the wasteful and harmful methods of producing a new ring. 

Antique Ring Shopping Tips

If you believe that an antique engagement ring is ideal for your partner, the next step is to start shopping. Whether you opt to buy online or in person, there are some things you should know before making a purchase. 

  • Reputable Sellers – Anyone can say they have quality antique rings for sale, but not everyone is telling the truth. Do yourself a favor and do your due diligence on sellers or jewelers before purchasing an engagement ring. Ensure that the pieces they offer are high-quality and authentic. You can check customer reviews for further confirmation. 
  • Ring Facts – Check with the seller or jeweler to find out if there is any official paperwork on the ring for further verification of authenticity, age, or quality. You may receive a gemological report, purchase or maintenance receipts, and insurance policies from previous owners. 
  • Authenticity Check – The final shopping tip for finding the right vintage engagement ring is to do an authenticity check. Inspect the ring to ensure the metal and gemstones are genuine. Ask the seller the date it was manufactured and research the types and styles of rings from that era. If you find red flags during this process, it’s best to avoid making a purchase. 

When you’re asking for someone’s hand in marriage, you want to do so with an engagement ring that’s just as unique and authentic as your love story. Although plenty of luxury jewelry options are available, an antique ring transcends them all. With a vintage ring, you get a one-of-a-kind, high-quality investment with a historical significance that’s unmatched. So, use the shopping tips listed above to help you find the perfect antique engagement ring for the love of your life. 

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