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What I am Reading – Some Random Blogs / Good Reads from the Blogosphere

I spend a lot of time on mom blogs. I like them, I can relate to them and it helps me to get ideas for my own blog. I can what works for me, what doesn't, etc. Sometimes I somehow, randomly stumble on some just truly bizarre and out there blogs. Listed below are a few of my most recent, random favorites. Enjoy!

First up, we have the As Seen On TV Fan! blog. I found it and didn't leave for almost 40 minutes and that is a record for me because I have some serious ADD, that's Attention Deficit Dis…well, whatever. Just ask my husband because he asks me periodically throughout the night “how many windows do you have open now?” and then giggles evilly knowing that my computer will most certainly shut down within the next half hour. I mean, I have a Ctrl-Alt-Delete issue a lot of the time.

See what I mean, I moved off of my own post onto something else in the blink of an eye. But the As Seen On TV Fan! blog really goes into detail about the infomercials. Kind of a behind the scenes things but with no holds barred. Plus likes The Office and one of my other random blogs, Freakonomics? It's like a freakin' trifecta.

Worthington Wire, from the super adorable Ali of Mrs. Fussypants and the Blissfully Domestic empire is by far one of the most captivating blogs out there for me right now. Not only do I get snippets of all that is important to me but sometimes just looking at the title tells me all I need to know and other times, I read the most bizarre but insanely funny things out there. Two of the blogs that I stalk were found from the Worthington Wire. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! [One request for you and other blogs that do this  – PUHLEAZE let me subscribe by email. Some things I want right away and I don't always remember how I can see the other ways so I miss out.  😉 ]

The day that I wrote this post, featured on the Worthington Wire, I could learn How to Plant Hanging Flowers or even How to Become Rich and Famous on the Internet in 5 Easy Steps. And because these are the things that I want to know about, I cannot stop reading.

freakonomics_mainNext up is Freakonomics…'The Hidden Side of Everything'…enough said. If you read the book or even skimmed the cover, you will love the site. Just one look at titles like Sorry, No Marijuana Pepsi in Germany or the picture of the cemetary being foreclosed in will hook you in for good. They even offer some extras like the column ‘Stuff We Weren't Paid to Endorse' and the Freak Shots are just hilarious.

Check these blogs out if you have a few extra minutes.

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  1. ellen

    I am constantly amazed by what is on the net! There are so many wonderful blogs just waiting to be discovered, and like you, I get easily sidetracked 🙂

    Lately, I am totally into garden blogs- I mean I read one, there is a link (or 5) and I am clicking all over and reading like mad.

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