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Walmart Makes Online Shopping Easy

Walmart DetergentThe Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G. 

As the busy mother of three, there is almost always something that I need to shop for that we need in our house. Often the thing that I forget the most is detergent and things that I need to do the constant, never ending laundry that seems to come with three children who are in sports among other activities.

In fact, laundry detergent is one of the things that I forgot until I actually need to do a load of laundry. I am standing there before a full washer and often full dryer realizing that I have no detergent or Bounce dryer sheets. UGH!

Now there is way to make certain that I don’t run out of the products that I need and use every single day. Walmart makes it easy to purchase my staple household items on or on your Walmart smartphone app, which can be downloaded here.  By shopping for household items on or by using the Walmart smartphone app, you are giving yourself the option to shop wherever and whenever you want – at your own convenience.

As I enjoy the warm weather and take a little time for myself this summer, why interrupt the fun in the sun to run errands when I can have all of the essentials delivered right to your door? Right? Now everyone can experience the convenience, assortment, and savings of shopping for typical household items purchased at Walmart by ordering them online at offers the great variety and savings on everyday low prices that you’ve come to love at your local Walmart, especially on your favorite P&G products.

P&G wants everyone to experience how easy it is to order favorites such as Tide laundry detergent, Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet paper, and other household items from your home, the beach, or wherever your summer travels take you! By using the Walmart smartphone app, you can easily build a shopping list by scanning all the products you’re ready to purchase again.

I simply ordered my favorite products on for delivery to my home. I ordered Tide, Gain Bounty and Downy Unstopables (my favorite in wash scent booster of all time) all from the comfort of my own home The ordering process took just minutes, was incredibly simple since I already had my own account (although setting one up is quick as well) and the items arrived within a few days.

You can choose to have your purchase shipped directly to your house (shipping is free if you spend $50 or more) or shipped for free to the nearest Walmart location for a quick and easy pick-up with Site to Store. offers different payment options, including the option to Pay with Cash if you don’t want to use a credit card online. Honestly it couldn’t be any simpler than that.

What I also liked besides the convenience and assortment of items that I use everyday available is that you get easy savings by ordering household items on offers.


Now one lucky reader of The Divine Miss Mommy can enter to win a $25 Walmart gift card to purchase their own household essentials. To enter, use the Rafflecopter to tell me what household necessities you would use your $25 gift card for at

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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62 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Samantha Wagner

    I would buy some gain products, and some angel soft

  2. Kristen

    My favorite are the Cascade Dishwasher pacs.

  3. James Robert

    I’d spend on bounty paper towels and Gain

  4. Lisa Brown

    i would buy bathroom tissue, paper towels and other groceries

  5. Debra F

    I’d use it to buy Bounty Paper Towels, Charmin and Dawn Dishliquid. I love to stock up on those products but haven’t been able to lately.

  6. Mary Happymommy

    I would get Bounty Paper Towels and Charmin toilet paper.

  7. Lynn

    Bounty Towels for sure………

  8. Beth Hill

    I would get the Bounty select a size paper towels and downy unstoppables, go through both of those like crazy!

  9. Julie Wood

    I would buy the Bounty Paper towels and the Charmin Toilet paper which are my favorite items.

  10. Kelly D

    I would buy paper towels and laundry detergent.

  11. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would buy Charmin and Tide

  12. Brynn

    I would stock up on toilet paper and dog food 🙂

  13. Patricia C.

    I would buy diapers and wipes

  14. amy pugmire

    paper towels, detergent, toilet paper and tissue.

  15. Marti Tabora

    I would stock up on Swiffer Sweeper refills, I use them a lot and I also run out often.

  16. Thomas Murphy

    I would buy Tide pods.

  17. lisa kay

    I would say our Doggies Treats!

  18. steven weber

    My favorite would have to be the Tide pods.

  19. D Schmidt

    I would spend it on Bounty and Dawn dish soap.

  20. Tabitha

    i love walmart.
    i buy downy unstopables.

  21. christine j

    i would love to use this for gain

  22. ellen beck

    I would use this for cat litter and cat food.

  23. Jessie C.

    I would like to get Tide detergent and Bounty paper towel.

  24. soha molina

    I’d spend it on clothes.

  25. ewhatley

    I would probably spend it on food at Walmart- maybe splurge on a few items we usually can’t afford.

  26. Andrea Williams

    I like Bounty paper towel and Dawn dish detergent.

  27. heather

    I would spend it on pet food.

  28. Claudia

    So yummy! That looks irresistible.

  29. Karin A

    I’d buy Charmin for sure and then probably Tide and Always Pads.

  30. Cheryl

    My everyday favorites would be Charmin & Bounty.

  31. Jessica H.

    Swiffer refills! I love my swiffer and have been using it for years and always need those supplies. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  32. Jennifer Tilson

    I’d get Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels.

  33. Lisa Davis

    Cleaning supplies like Febreeze.

  34. tammy shelton

    I would use it for Paper Towels and Tide.

  35. ger

    I would buy Gain Flings!

  36. Leigh Anne Borders

    I would probably spend it on produce or something the whole family could enjoy like ice cream;)

  37. Susan Christy

    Laundry soap, toilet paper and paper towels.

  38. Dawn Keenan

    We use a lot of P&G products including Dawn, Bounty, Charmin and Crest.

  39. shaunie

    Would have to say it would be paper towels and tissue

  40. Gina M

    Charmin TP is a staple for us!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  41. Jessica To

    I would get Tide pods and Bounty paper towels.

  42. Dee

    I would get snacks and cleaning supplies!

  43. debbie

    I’d get Cascade packs for the dishwasher, duracell batteries, and Tide detergent.

  44. we buy Charmin, Cascade, Febreze, Bounty and everything else at Walmart

  45. Barbara Montag

    I’d stock up on Charmin Tide and lots of Febreze products!
    thank you

  46. Linda Kish

    Charmin Ultra, Tide, Bounce and Bounty

  47. Shanna

    I’d use the giftcard to purchase pet food and towards groceries! Thank you for the opportunity!

  48. Natalie

    I would stock up on plenty of charmin toilet paper and pantene shampoo.

  49. norma

    I’d get laundry detergent.

  50. Stephanie Grant

    I would get some TIde Pods!

  51. kristin h

    I would use to buy some febreze products obessed with them lately

  52. JP

    I would stock up on the basics. Paper towels, toilet paper, and ziploc bags.

  53. Paula

    Always need laundry detergent and softener – plus oatmeal scotchies!

  54. Allison Downes

    I would spend it on Tide and Downy products.

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  55. Jennifer Rote

    I would stock up on Downy Unstopables. Love them!

  56. Candace B

    I would stock up on Bounty and Charmin. These are two items we tend to run out of rather quickly, so it would be nice to stock up on them.

  57. Nicole-Lynn

    I would buy some Tide Sport and Free & Clear detergents! We go through so much of both! Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. Melissa

    I would buy Tide and Charmin! Thanks for the chance.

  59. Hannah Jurgelis

    Toilet paper!

  60. Teresa Thompson

    Tide Pods and Charmin.

  61. Tammy Schweitzer

    Paper towels , bounce softener & Gain Detergent for me thanks

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