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Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Visiting Yellowstone National ParkVisiting Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park has the distinction of being the first national park in the United States. Since 1872, millions of people from all over the world have made it a point to visit. These are three areas, you definitely don't want to miss! Old Faithful is undoubtedly among the most iconic landmarks at Yellowstone National Park. It may not be the tallest geyser located there. But, its claim to fame is predictability. We hope that you love this Visiting Yellowstone National Park post.

Dating back to 2000, it's continuously erupted every 44 to 125 minutes without fail. Because of popularity, it's best to visit Old Faithful either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This way, you probably won't have to share your Old Faithful geyser viewing time with a huge crowd.

Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Lake

As the largest freshwater lake in the park, Yellowstone Lake is a well-received destination for visitors looking for a day of fun on the water. Fishing on the lake has been a favorite pastime for over a hundred years, mostly due to the popularity of Yellowstone cutthroat trout found in its waters.

Boat rentals are available, to get an up-close view of the lake's distant shores. If you do plan to rent a boat, it's best to do so in the afternoon. This is typically the time when crowds are occupied with other goings on in the park.

Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Lamar Valley

Are you looking forward to seeing the diverse and awe-inspiring wildlife that Yellowstone has to offer? If your answer is yes, look no further than Lamar Valley. Conditions here are ideal for animals living in the area. Bear, elk, coyote, bighorn sheep and even bison are typically spotted roaming Mother Nature's open spaces.

Definitely consider participating in one of the park's morning wildlife tours. These guided bus tours take you to the valley at the best time of day, where you'll encounter a variety of animals living in the area.

This is this a very brief overview of three places to visit, on a trip to Yellowstone National Park. I can almost guarantee; your memories will last a lifetime! We hope that you are inspired by this Visiting Yellowstone National Park post. Happy travels!

Visiting Yellowstone National Park

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  1. We have been to many US parks over the years, but haven’t made it to Yellowstone yet. I need to remedy that asap because the views are simply breathtaking!

  2. Yellowstone National Park is out of the ordinary & so beautiful. Would surely love to visit when I venture towards US.

  3. This place is absolutely breath taking! And has entered in my bucket list. 😊

  4. Yellowstone national park is very well-known. I would like to visit there someday. :0)

  5. Your site is so awesome! The pics here are absolutely unbelievable! I hope to visit here one day. 

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Yellowstone. I’m hoping I can take my family one day.

  7. Rosey

    Good tip on the time to boat. It matters how bad the crowds are on the water!

  8. Bill Sweeney

    Visiting Yellowstone is on our list of family vacation spots in the U.S. It’s such a beautiful area, and there’s lots of places to visit. Your tip on seeing Old Faithful is a great idea.

  9. Wendy Polisi

    This has been on my travel list for a while. I seriously can’t wait to go see it in person!

  10. I have close relatives in Montana but I’ve never been. I would love to visit one day; it’s gorgeous!

  11. I didn’t realize that Yellowstone was so massive! The views are stunning and I bet you could see some amazing wild life, too!

  12. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I dream of visiting Yellowstone National Park. The views are captivating. I am positive I would be awed just being there and witnessing the beauty around me.

  13. Megha

    OMG what a beautiful place it is. Can’t believe this is a national park. I would really love to visit this place.

  14. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I have yet to visit Yellowstone. My husband said he has been there when he was in his early 20s and he said the beauty of the place is indescribable. I would want to experience being there too. Nature is so beautiful!

  15. Porsha Carr

     The park looks absolutely beautiful you’re very lucky 

  16. The Lamar valley looks so interesting! I can’t beilieve I never knew this was the first national park in the US, not have I visited! Smh. I definitely gotta see it for myself! 

  17. I should really visit it next time I come to US. I want to take a photo at this scenery! So amazing!

  18. This is right up my ally! I love to travel and site seeing nature’s beauty is one of my favorite things. As a matter of fact, Yellowstone is also on my places I wish to visit! Looking forward to the day I can go.

  19. Amazing view and scenic place i really love to be there and after visit to your blog i am so excited to click some pics at this place thanks for sharing

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