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Indulge That Wanderlust with CheapOair


We are travelers. My entire family travels on a regular basis and really enjoys it. In fact, we are always planning our next trip and I am constantly researching on the Internet to see where would should go.

WanderlustMy wanderlust because as a small child. My father was in the military and we traveled/moved all around the US (including Hawaii). I loved seeing new places and learning about the culture. I loved hearing the accents and chatter of the locals. I honestly cannot remember a time when I was not looking forward to my next trip. Travel is in my blood.

We went to Europe last year for seven weeks and were planning to go back this year but head to a different country. However, we changed our plans and decided that we needed to explore more of the United States. The US was calling…

My husband has always wanted to travel more in the United States and so we added that to our Family Travel Bucket list. We then decided to tackle of few of those wish list items over the summer and the bookings began. The research started and the plans are pretty amazing.

We have plans to visit 15 states this year and so far have made it to six states. We are heading to NYC for a week in July and then to Florida right after but first we are heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina so we can check off three more states.

We have plans to visit family and friends but we will be staying in vacation homes or hotels because isn’t always nice to get back to a nice, clean room? We might even check out the world’s largest ball of string if we can find it. 😉


Now you can indulge your own wanderlust by downloading the CheapOair app and seeing where you can go.

Wait until you see this app. You will find a currency converter, travel tips, packing lists, baggage fees info and so much more. This app really encompasses your total travel experience.

CheapOair Win Tickets


CheapOair is giving one lucky traveler 50 tickets to explore the U.S. in 2014. How great is that?

The long, cold, never ending winter has taken a toll on the wallets of Americans all across the country, leaving little left over for luxuries like vacation and travel. Yet, summer is near and wanderlust is creeping in. So CheapOair is giving everyone a chance to expose their summer skin to the wonders of the U.S.

Enter throughout the month of June for your chance to win. Entering is easy: simply download the free CheapOair app then register to win.

Spread the travel love to friends and family to get up to four more entries in the sweepstakes.

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Check out for tips and reviews on destinations all over the US to help you decide where to go.

This is a post sponsored by CheapOair.

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  1. That is an awesome giveaway. We travel a lot, but I feel like we’re always going back to the same places. I need to change it up!

  2. I love traveling. We’re actually considering planning a weeks-long trip to Seattle next summer. I’ll have to check out this app!

  3. I’m always on the hunt for great sites to help me travel for cheap. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The number one reason that I don’t travel much is because of cost! Thank you for introducing me to CheapO

  5. Traveling is so much fun. US has so much to offer.

  6. What a sweet app and nice giveaway. I’ve got an itch to go somewhere but the cost of tickets for 5 + lap are brutal!

  7. Elizabeth

    I’m always looking for inexpensive flights. 50 free tickets sounds like a good deal! 🙂 I’ll have to check that out.

  8. I love using apps for travel. We travel a lot so I will have to download this.

  9. Im a totally wander-lust my entire life is focused on wanderlusting…I always want to get away. What an efficient app!

  10. I love the idea of going new places and not just revisiting the ones you have seen. I will have to check out this app for our next family adventure.

  11. What an awesome giveaway! I always check out Cheap O Air when traveling.

  12. I love that you all love traveling, I am not a traveling. While I grew up with a mom who travelled a lot with her BF and never took us girls, but once, I do want my kids to experience all of the East Coast as much as possible, I have little desire to travel outside of the USA. I would like to get married, if I ever do again, in Hawaii. So I have a small travel bug, but not huge one.

  13. Definitely like traveling for less. Would love to visit all 50 states in my life.

  14. Carly

    What a great giveaway! We’ve traveled a ton this, and more trips to come!

  15. I love to travel. That’s a great contest, I’d fly to 50 different places.

  16. Its great when you get to see and immerse yourself in other cultures i love it.Soon we will start traveling more again.

  17. My parents live in St. Louis now, so cheap air travel is important for us. I haven’t heard of CheapO air before!

  18. Whoa, that’s a lot of travel! I’m glad you can exercise your wanderlust and save with CheapOair. We like to travel, but my max is three trips per year.

  19. I love to travel, but it can get expensive. Thanks for sharing this info about CheapOair!

  20. Cheap o Air is a great idea. I will absolutely be sure to check it out when planning our next vacation!

  21. I’ll need to check out that packing list! I’m always forgetting something!

  22. I don’t do airplanes… it’s this fear of heights thing I can’t get over. Although it’s nice to travel and save money traveling.

  23. I have a few flights I need to start tracking. I’ll take a look and see what they can do!

  24. Great giveaway! I need to check on a couple trips we have planned.

  25. Thanks for the tip! I need to head to NYC stat!

  26. I’m totally entering. There are so many places I’d like to go in the U.S!

  27. that would be awesome to win and visit family we haven’t seen in a long time. airfare for the whole family is pricey

  28. teresa mccluskey

    I would love to win! Then I could go see some family members in other states!

  29. I have a strong wanderlust but something you said made me feel good. We just joined the Navy (my husband) and I hope that my daughter embraces the traveling lifestyle as you have.

  30. I am all for a bargain, but this plane view gave me butterflies in my stomach!! I am so petrified of planes, or turbulence rather.

  31. Wow, that’s a lot of travel! We usually take two trips a year as a family and then my husband and I have trips for work.

  32. I absolutely love to travel! I do travel a lot for the blog, but only about 1 big trip per year for the family. Thank you for sharing all of this!

  33. I love to travel but dont get to alot. We are going on a trip this year though!

  34. Like you, I love to travel. We currently have plans of going to Florida in October and on a cruise to the Caribbean in January – more places to check off for me! I will definitely be checking out this app!

  35. We want to go to England and tour a few places but my hubs has never been on a plane before. I’ve tried telling him that it’s only bad at the beginning and end of the flight and even then it’s not THAT bad but he doesn’t believe me lol.

  36. Sounds like a cool app. I want to start traveling more and will need some help.

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