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Total Gym Week 6

So I have made it a full six weeks into this challenge. I have been trying hard to make the time to do my home workout every week. In between everything that I have going on and just life in general, the hardest thing for me is to make the time to workout.

Enter the Total Gym. We received the Total Gym XL.

“The TOTAL GYM XLS targets ALL major muscle groups with just ONE workout. Resistance training, cardio training and stretching – everything the body needs (with over 80 exercises) in just one machine. Individuals can work out in as little as six to eight minutes a day. The XLS makes at-home work-outs more efficient and effective. It is perfect for the entire family from ages eight to 80.”

One of the great things about this machine is that it is all from the comfort of my own home. It stares at me when I don't use it. I mean, I have to walk past the machine countless times each day. Sometimes it taunts me.

This helps me. A lot. Because when I am staring at it everyday and not using it, the guilt makes me use it. Nothing like a little guilt to make me exercise.

What are your motivating factors when it comes to exercising?

I know that I mentioned this several times already, but if you haven’t already, I highly suggest that you check out the Total Gym Success Stories for Women page. If you haven’t found the motivation yet, go to this page and you will!

Want to get your own Total Gym? Order today and save 15%.

Visit  the Total Gym Facebook page.

Check out our Total Gym Total Mom Team Page!

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DISCLOSURE: As part of the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge, I received a Total Gym machine.

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  1. ellen

    I have heard good things about the Total Gym but havent yet tried it myself. Hoping you are still working out & staying fit!

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