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Top Tips to Sizable Savings for Growing Kids

Shopping for kids can be an exhausting process to even the most expert shopper.  On top of that, with the economy still lagging, every penny counts. Kevin Strawbridge, the self proclaimed “Koupon King” and President of brings you the top six tips to saving money for everything you need to keep your kids fashionable:

1.          Set a budget and stick to It:  Once you have that budget you can pinpoint the most important things you need and where you want to spend the most money.
2.          Don’t be afraid of the thrift store: It’s smart and chic these days. “Vintage” is in! Thrift stores are great for items like winter coats that are only worn for a couple of months a year. A great idea is to start at a thrift store and then fill in items that you can’t find there at other retail stores.
3.          Do a cleanse: Go through your child’s closet and find out what you REALLY need versus what you have already. It’s so easy to forget that you already have the long underwear for the ski trip tucked all the way in the back.
4.          Take advantage of sales, coupons, etc.: Sites like our own, help you do the research with just one click.
5.          Online Garage Sales:  Search for people selling what you need slightly used or even unopened at a discount online. Try and search locally in your area.
6.          Do your Research:  Before you go shopping, search stores and deals online and know what’s on sale.

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