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Top 5 Modern Home Security Must-Haves

Top 5 Modern Home Security Must-HavesTop 5 Modern Home Security Must-Haves

With all the standard, if not somewhat old security systems receiving extensive coverage across media platforms, you may already be aware of how security systems work. What you may be less familiar with are all the amazing gadgets that you can use to bolster your home security systems. While there are a ton of security solutions out there, it is vital to evaluate how alarm systems work to ensure you are opting for the right installation for your home as well as your general lifestyle habits. This is because some systems are best for those who often travel, while others are more suitable for those who seek additional security measures. We hope that you find these Top 5 Modern Home Security Must-Haves useful. 

Although none of the items on our list aims to supplant the traditional, tried and trusted security measures, they definitely bring value in added peace of mind. And let's face it, high tech gadgets are cool no matter what we use them for, so it's a bonus when they add to our personal safety. Having scoured the web for the best in security-related gadgets, we have compiled our list of modern security must-haves.

Top 5 Modern Home Security Must-Haves

Smart Illusive Lights

Ok, so this item on our list is more of a collection of smart gadgets. Using some incredibly awesome apps, you can trigger and set scheduled on-off patterns for your smart bulbs for a while when you are away. The effect of which is that various rooms in your home will light up and turn back off in logical sequences, creating a foolproof illusion that there is someone at home. This type of system is perfect for those who are not often home or those preparing for a vacation.

A Remote Functioning Home

Taking this a step further, you can use the same scheduling software to control other smart devices in your home, like televisions and sound systems. You could genuinely create the illusion of an active house party while you are in a different state. Just do consider your neighbours. You may have to answer to some rather perplexed police officers regarding the night you hosted a party of nil!

Invisible Guard Dog

The idea is an old one. First proximity alerts that mimic the sound of a barking dog. The standard iteration of the concept is about as convincing as a politician's promises. What if you could run a smart app that uses your surround sound system to not only make the sound of barking believable but also mimic motion as the virtual dog moves around your home? Well, you can, and you don't need a degree in technical jargon to set it up.

Top 5 Modern Home Security Must-HavesBiometric Door Locks

If you were a kid in the eighties, that sentence would have been pure science fiction to you. In 2020 biometric security locks are commercially available and easily installed. With options ranging from iris scanners to the less pricey fingerprint reader, you can secure your home from intruders with a locking mechanism that is not only incredibly secure but stupendously impressive.

Device Authentication Security Parameters

Topping our list of must-have home security addons is a Bluetooth based perimeter control and alerts system. What this does in effect is that whenever someone is detected within the parameters of your property without a device containing an encrypted Bluetooth authentication key, you will be notified immediately, with the option to alert emergency services. You may want to make sure you have more than one connected device lest you end up losing your smartphone. While there are a ton of other options out there, security systems are becoming quite advanced thanks to developments in technology. We hope that you are inspired by this Top 5 Modern Home Security Must-Haves post.

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