Security Measures to Look For in Your Next Apartment

Security Measures to Look For in Your Next Apartment

Security Measures to Look For in Your Next Apartment

Moving into a home comes with many feelings: the joy of a new start, the excitement of a new house, and inevitably, your security at the new place. The last thing you need is burglars attacking you or a thief sneaking into your home and stealing your property. 

Therefore, before you decide to move into a new dwelling, here are a few things to look out for:

Gated Parking

Cars aren’t just a considerable investment; they’re an essential component of everyday life. If you don't want to wake up to an empty parking space, your apartment of choice should offer gated parking. A gated garage or outdoor lot protected by high fencing is especially important in areas with high crime rates, like major cities. With your assets outside being kept safe, you can sleep soundly.

Secure Package Lockers

Due to the rise in online shopping and next-day delivery, package theft has become standard worldwide. Look for a unit with access to secured lockers for apartments to ensure your packages stay safe until retrieved. These lockers should be located in a well-lit area without blindspots or places where someone can hide. While having security cameras fixed on the lockers is an added boost of security, it’s not essential so long as the lockers themselves are secure.

Key Code Building Entry

Unlike the good old locks or padlocks, key cards are harder to pick. The technology used is almost foolproof security for anything and anyone inside your house, so you can go about your day or stay indoors while feeling safe. If this is not an option, consider one with a deadbolt option.

Surveillance Cameras In Commons Areas And The Perimeter

Cameras are an essential addition to security because their sheer presence scares intruders away. Some apartments might have them for aesthetics, so confirm whether they are functional or not. You want the functional ones. Modern security cameras act as your third eye, always watching where you cannot.

What Is The Lighting Situation?

Dark streets leading to your house, unlit stairways, lack of lighting in areas like the laundry room or the parking area are possibly dangerous areas. Look for apartments that are well-lit both inside and outside.

Check Out The Emergency Exits

Safety is not just about break-ins; it is also about escaping in case of accidents. Check out the exits available in the apartment and whether they are functional. Some of them are rarely maintained, which can pose a danger when you need to make a quick exit.

Check the length of your fire escape and their distance from the ground. Thieves can climb up them if they are too low. If you plan on living on the ground floor, ensure that your windows are easy to open from the inside for an easy exit.

Check for Alarms

Alarms alert you in times of danger, and having some in the apartment could save your life. Before moving in, confirm that security features such as the smoke detector are present and functional. Some dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning are not something you can look out for with your bare eyes, so a small gadget is essential.

While finding the perfect house with all the security measures implemented can be quite a task, especially if you are on a budget, it is not impossible. Even if the neighborhood is known for its safety, like choosing to rent one of Pearland apartments, your personal safety is still a priority. If you find a house or apartment that is only missing one or two of the measures, you can discuss it with the realtor to have them added before you move in. 

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