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Tips for Dating When You’re Broke


Tips for Dating When You’re Broke

Dating is never easy. It is full of trials and tribulations. Knowing when someone likes you is tough. Creating small talk is difficult. Being yourself can be hard. Choosing the right person is a puzzle some never solve. What do you do together on the first date? When do you decide to go steady? All of these things pose challenges, but dating is particularly painful when you don’t have any money. Wherever you’re at in life, below are some tips when you are trying to date but can’t get beyond the fact that you’re broke.


Be Honest

One thing that you can do when you are trying to date broke is to be honest. You don’t have to tell all the gritty details, but if you’re honest you can feel free of the deception involved in acting like you have money that you don’t have. You shouldn’t lie or act like you have money when you don’t. If the person really likes you, it won’t matter. You don’t have to come out with it and say everything right away, but you can certainly be open and honest about your situation.


Come Up With Creative Date Ideas

Another thing you can do when you’re broke is come up with creative date ideas. You don’t have to have a lot of money when you have a romantic idea for your date. Take them out for a picnic. Go on a drive to a good lookout. Spend time at the beach. There are plenty of great ideas that you can do instead of worrying about money. The more creative you are, the more your date will appreciate it. It’s not all about money. Sometimes it’s about the thought you put into it. When you are coming up with creative date ideas, the money matters less.


Do an Activity

When you are going out with someone who is compatible with you, an activity could be the best way to exercise that. You could do something you both enjoy that doesn’t cost a lot of money. What about playing a sport together? You could go do something like disc golf, which is both cheap and fun. You could take your dog to the park. You could walk along the beach. You could go to the park. There are plenty of affordable activities you can do that don’t cost a lot of money. Whether you are comfortable with doing something physical or not, you can find something that you both enjoy. What do you both like doing? When you find that out, the options reveal themselves.


Cook Instead of Going Out

An idea that is both romantic and affordable is to cook instead of going out. Whether you have your own place or need to make sure no one is home, cooking is seen as an act of service and is great for anyone who can’t afford a fancy meal. You can make something delicious at home without breaking the bank. Buy a bottle of wine. Plan to cook something that is both tasty and elegant. You can have fun at home with your date and enjoy the night together. Plan to watch a movie afterwards and you have a plan for the night that you will both enjoy. If you don’t know how to cook, look at some YouTube videos and you will learn how to make a few things that will impress your date.


Present Yourself Well

No matter how much money you have, you can present yourself well. If you’re broke and still have some nice clothing, you can dress well. Your hygiene also plays a huge part in dating. If you don’t have money, you don’t have to look like it. You can dress well and smell good. Wearing a good deodorant and choosing an affordable fragrance will go a long way. People are even using pheromone perfume. This is a type of perfume that uses natural smells to attract people. Whether this is your style or not, presenting yourself well will have a big impact on your dating life.


It's never too easy to date when you’re broke, but with these simple methods you can really improve your dating life with or without money. Think outside the box! You can do this. Don’t worry so much about not having enough money.


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