Three Battlefield Tours Everyone Must Take in Europe
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Three Battlefield Tours Everyone Must Take in Europe

Unveiling Europe's Rich Battlefield Landscape

A Journey Through Europe's Pivotal Battlefields

Battlefield tours are gaining popularity among people from all walks of life. They are a great way to stay connected with history and pay your respect to thousands of men who died during the efforts to create a better tomorrow for their nation.

Dedicated battlefield tours are a great way to understand what happened and why it happened. Of course, you always need a tour guide by your side with a deep understanding of the historical context and fluency in English.

Every tour can be a journey into the past to see with the help of an experienced guide. More information will help you have the best experience. You can also read the books and guides beforehand to ensure that no information is missed.

If you are unsure where to start your battlefield tours, here are a few essential tips that can help.

1.    Band of Brothers Tour

Normandy holds great historical importance for France. It is a place where the greatest battles of World War II were fought. This is the best place to start if you want to know more about how the soldiers struggled and survived at Carentan.

The band of brothers tours also includes visiting Normandy American Cemetery, where you can see burials from the aftermath of D-Day and Carentan. And, of course, you get to cross the border to Luxembourg and visit the National History Museum in Diekirch.

The sight of heavy military vehicles and weapons can put anyone in awe. Hence, this tour is an opportunity to fall in love with life-size dioramas and to pray for the fallen soldiers whose efforts remain unmatched.

2.    Loire Valley 

If you are looking for something more adventurous, you may want to consider being a part of the Loire Valley Tour. It is ideal for someone who does not want to learn with words or text but with action. And of course, all the in the most beautiful part of France.

When you travel with professional tour guides, they can give you an opportunity to shoot guns, pistols, and rifles. But that is not all the adventure. The Loire Valley Tour is also ideal for tank lovers. The Tank Museum at Saumur displays multiple tanks left on Normandy's battlefields.

All of these amazing experiences await you in the most beautiful central France.

3.    Hurtgen Forest Tour

The battle of Aachen holds great historical significance. It was the longest on the German ground and the lengthiest battle fought by the US army in history. There is so much rich history that one cannot imagine knowing everything without a tour guide.

You can see the density and beauty of the Hurtgen Forest. In addition, your tour guide may also guide you in stopping by Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial to give your wishes and pray for the lost souls.

This tour can be relatively shorter than the other battlefield tours, but it can bear much information for your deeper understanding of the war.

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