Plus Size Wardrobe Secrets Flattering Clothes for Heavy Women

Plus Size Wardrobe Secrets

Plus Size Wardrobe SecretsPlus Size Wardrobe Secrets

Being plus-sized sometimes means we have a tougher time shopping for clothes. So much of off-the-rack fashion is designed with an unrealistic image of the female form. But there are a few tips & tricks I've collected over the years. Here's what I do to keep looking fabulous, year after year. We hope that you enjoy this Plus Size Wardrobe Secrets post. 

Use Your Local Alterations Shop

One of my favorite ways to expand my wardrobe is to have outfits tailor-made at my local alterations shop. I tell the seamstress what I want, and she makes it for me. The downside to this is that I don't get the instant gratification of buying an outfit on and taking it home the very same day. But this method has often turned out to be less expensive than it would have been to buy a similar item at retail. Additionally, custom-made clothes are made to my exact body specifications. And finally, I'm supporting a small, locally-owned, independent business, and that feels good!

Shop Online

Over the years, a lot of specialty e-stores have opened online. There are too many brands to mention here, but I will bring up Perfectly Priscilla, where you can find tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories–basically everything from a plus-size swimsuit to a plus size party cocktail dress. Shopping online is great because, with most companies, you can easily return items that don't fit. Online retailers also offer frequent discounts, sales, and clearance items.

Work With a Stylist

A good stylist is always handy to have in your arsenal. Stylists help us figure out our body shape to decide what styles work best. Hiring a stylist is a smart investment. Once you've learned how to dress your body, the world of fashion will open up in a way you couldn't have predicted. Personal stylists can also help you clean out and declutter your closet, let go of clothes you should have gotten rid of long ago, and help you build confidence. They'll help you build a functional wardrobe so that your style game will be strong from here on out.

Find Inspiration

There are a million magazines and online sites out there to inspire fashion choices. This is the reason you'll want to find a few bloggers and maybe a few social media influencers with your body shape online. These folks need our support, and we need them for inspiration. Follow these folks since they are experiencing what we are experiencing. We can often get tips we didn't think of before, and we get exposure to up-and-coming brands in the plus-sized community. 

Be Happy In Your Skin

An obstacle many of us have to overcome is getting to the point where we feel comfortable and happy in our own skin. Until we do, it can be challenging to try something outside the box. Folks who haven't accepted their body sometimes have trouble being fashionable. Some of these folks feel more comfortable wearing oversize clothes to cover parts of their bodies they feel uncomfortable with. The plus-sized fashion industry continues to be hurt by these types of feelings because it means their potential customers won't try the ideas coming out of this world. 

Hopefully, this guide helps you understand plus size fashion a little more and how you can play an integral part in its growth. Keep on connecting, being yourself, and supporting each other. We hope that you are inspired by this Plus Size Wardrobe Secrets post. Happy shopping!

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