The Fresh Step® Million Meows Mission

The Fresh Step Million Meow Mission

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step® litter. The Fresh Step® Million Meows MissionTracking Pixel

Ana and Kristoff were abandoned by someone. We will never know who because they left them along with several of their brothers and sisters inside a dumpster. This coward wasn't really trying to save these cats lives as much as he or she was trying to extinguish those lives. This story and these cats lives started out as a cautionary tale. Gets your pets spayed or neutered and these kinds of things won't happen or they shouldn't happen.

The Fresh Step® Million Meows MissionHowever people don't always do what they should when it comes to having pets. This makes me sad and honestly I am one of those kinds of people that I would have 100 pets if I could. I used to find strays as a kid and bring them home. My particular talent was finding new forever homes for these animals. I would always place the pets somewhere leaving me room at home to bring home a few more pets. (Thanks Mom & Dad for always letting me do this).

I did this well into my late 20's and I still remember every single animal I placed. I enjoyed helping animals find homes. I still do.

When we first saw Ana and Kristoff, they were inseparable. They really didn't want to leave each others side. They were always together so it only seemed fitting that they should both come home together, right? So they were adopted together from the shelter and honestly it is very rare not to find them together. It is actually a pretty amazing relationship. Check out all of the pictures.

The Fresh Step® Million Meows Mission

These two cats are part of our family. They love each other and as much as we love them. Adopting a pet from a shelter isn't just saving a life, it is truly making the world a better place. Now because of Fresh Step® litter’s Million Meows Mission we can all help improve the lives of shelter cats. We can also help more shelter cats find forever homes. We can all get involved!

Every Person Can Make a Paws-itive Impact on a Cat’s Life and Fresh Step® litter wants you to know that!


Fresh Step® litter is continuing their mission to help improve the lives of shelter cats. They want to help more shelter cats find forever homes with the return of its Million Meow Mission. The Million Meow Mission strives to help all cats experience a loving home whether through caregiving, volunteering or donation, every act of kindness to a cat in need is a gift.

Fresh Step® has already donated millions of dollars to animal welfare causes and more than one million scoops of litter to shelters nationwide. This initiative is only in its second year.


Fresh Step is continuing their commitment this year with even more opportunities to help shelter cats. They are making it easy for Paw Points loyalty members to get involved. Here is what you can do:

Enter their Paw Points Code to show support for shelter cats and receive a Million Meow Mission badge to share on social media

Donate Paw Points to support shelters and receive a $2-off Fresh Step coupon and a Million Meow Mission badge to share on social media

Share their Adoption Story with the community

The Fresh Step® Million Meows MissionCHECK OUT THE FOR THE LOVE OF CATS VIDEO

When a cat is terminally ill, end-of-life care or hospice is a peaceful way for a cat to spend his final days. Fostering at that stage is called “fospice care” so grab the tissues and watch this video for the incredible story of Bosley, a strong cat who overcame the odds and spent a wonderful year with a caring family. It is sad but truly touching story.


Click here for more information on the Million Meow Mission and to get involved.The Fresh Step® Million Meows MissionThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step® litter. 

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